GALVESTON - A local state district judge sided with a computer company that claimed it was owed about $50,000 for computer furniture.

Galveston County 212th District Court Judge Susan Criss conducted a bench trial in Computer Comforts Inc.'s lawsuit on June 10 and ruled the plaintiff is entitled to collect damages.

Computer Comforts sued Covington Office Solutions, Covington Office Products Inc., Anthony Covington and David Pollitt on July 25, 2011.

Court papers filed at the time stated that the complainant fulfilled its contractual obligations in connection with a transaction conducted on Aug. 3, 2010, for $50,503.80, but the respondents refuse to tender the subject amount in full.

Computer Comforts alleged it adhered to an agreement between the parties by delivering the goods in question at the time and location specified by the defendants in their purchase order.

The respondents, however, failed to uphold their part as proven in their failure and refusal to completely pay an invoice issued toward the end of 2010, the original petition said.

In her ruling, Judge Criss determined the aforementioned agreement was valid and defendants Covington and Pollitt committed fraud.

The defendants did not appear at the trial despite receiving notice.

Case No. 11-CV-1203

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