HOUSTON - A Houston family is suing the city following an incident almost two years ago in which its police department allegedly used excessive force on the then-teenage son.

According to a lawsuit filed Sept. 16 in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas, the defendant's police officers Tasered Corey Khansari at his home in front of his parents, Michael and Debra, on Nov. 25, 2011. 

Prior to the subject event, Debra Khansari saw her son, who woke up after sleeping the whole day, "mumble strangely to himself and then saw him take a large number of medication pills."

Fearing the young Khansari was trying to commit suicide, she had Michael Khansari call 911.

An ambulance then arrived, but Corey Khansari told one of the paramedics that he did not wish to go with them, prompting emergency responders to call another ambulance for backup.

Instead or more paramedics, the original petition says, a Houston Police Department patrol unit emerged and a female officer came out of the vehicle "armed with a long gun and appeared to put a round in the chamber as if preparing to fire."

Debra Khansari adds the officer reportedly told her that she "might have to kill someone," stating she attempted to convince the latter to not use a firearm as the plaintiffs were not armed nor had guns in the house.

The suit further shows that Corey Khansari went outside and was greeted by the sight of more armed officers, who purportedly trained their sights on the teenager.
An apparent confrontation subsequently ensued.

Court documents assert that Debra Khansari interposed herself between her son and the police, who are reported to have placed red beam dots on her.

Corey Khansari, thinking the officers were going to shoot his mother, pushed her out of the line of fire only to be Tasered in the right eye, they say.

He says he was able to remove the projectile out of his eye, but when he was about to surrender to the officers after hearing a firefighter angrily order them to stop their assault, one of the officers "kicked him to the ground."

Corey Khansari was taken to Houston's St. Joseph Hospital.

The plaintiffs argue the attack in question left him with "severe and permanent damage to his optical nerve and retina" as well as lost vision in the affected eye.

Six surgical procedures were required.

"Corey feels frequent severe pain on the right side of his face and head that prevents him from doing many things he used to do and that has significantly impacted his life for the worse," the suit says.

A jury trial is requested.

Attorney Mario E. de la Garza of Tucker, Barnes, Garcia & De la Garza PC in Houston is representing the claimants.

Case No. 4:13-CV-2722

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