One of the plaintiffs who sued DuPont after a deadly gas leak took the lives of several workers at the chemical company’s LaPorte facility has reached a settlement, according to a recent news report.

In the early morning hours of Nov. 15, 2014, a chemical spill in the Crop Protection Unit released lethal methyl mercaptan. The unit stores methyl mercaptan in liquid form, which is used as a fungicide.

As previously reported, only days after the disaster several Beaumont attorneys, including Brent Coon, filed lawsuits against the company on behalf of the victims’ families in Harris County District Court.

Coon represents Jasmine Rae Wise, the daughter of the late Crystle Wise, a Groves resident who was 53 at the time of her death.

Although as of Oct. 15 court records show no settlement on file, on Oct. 14 the Delawareonline reported that Coon reached an undisclosed settlement with DuPont on behalf Jasmine Wise’s behalf.

Four people working in the area died after exposure to the toxic chemical.

Those killed were Wise; Wade Baker, 60, a crew supervisor who had been at DuPont for 40 years and brothers Bobby Tisnado, 36, and Gilbert "Gibby" Tisnado, 49.

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