Dec. 1

8975 Licensing LLC v. MasterCare Software, LLC 4:15-cv-00823-ALM-CAN

8975 Licensing LLC v. InXpress, LLC 4:15-cv-00824-RC

8975 Licensing LLC v. PlayLV Gaming Operations LLC 4:15-cv-00825-RC

The plaintiff 8975 Licensing is based in Plano.

It claims ownership of United States Patent Number 9,128,975 B2 (the ‘975 Patent), pursuing legal action against alleged infringement.

The ‘975 Patent, titled “Systems and Methods for Determining Data Dependency for Dynamic Tiles,” “was issued for the invention of a novel method to solve the problem of conventional user interfaces that access one or more databases, but return only static data based upon a user’s inputs,” according to court documents.

Per 8975 Licensing, the respondents “are making, using, importing, selling, and/or offering for sale and use a web-based InXpress Ship 2.0 shipping application” without its permission.

Consequently, the complainant seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

It is represented by attorneys Margaret A. Smith and Anthony L. Leto of the law firm Smith & Leto in Los Gatos, Calif.


Dec. 3

Chart Trading Development, LLC v. CQG, Inc. et al 6:15-cv-01133-JRG-JDL

Chart Trading Development, LLC v. NinjaTrader Group, LLC et al 6:15-cv-01134-JRG-JDL

Chart Trading Development, LLC v. Interactive Brokers, LLC et al 6:15-cv-01135-JRG-JDL

Chart Trading Development, LLC v. TradeStation Group, Inc. et al 6:15-cv-01136-JRG-JDL

The plaintiff CTD is based in Tyler.

It seeks to stop purported infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 8,380,611; 7,113,190; 7,890,416; 8,041,626 and 8,060,435, all of which it asserts ownership.

“The defendants have knowledge of the ’611, ’190, ’416, ’626, and ’435 patents and that their acts constitute infringement,” court papers explain. “The defendants are continuing to act in the face of an objectively high likelihood that their actions constitute infringement of a valid patent or with reckless disregard of that likelihood.”

Consequently, CTD seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

It is represented by attorney Eric H. Findlay of the law firm Findlay Craft, P.C. in Tyler.

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