At the end of November, Texas-based law firm Burleson LLP announced it would be closing due to the steady decline in oil prices. At least 10 of its lawyers found work in the Pittsburg office of Frost Brown Todd LLC, a firm that still has a strong practice with an oil and gas division.

“We have a strong energy practice, but we are not overly dependent on it,” John R. Crockett III, chairman of Frost Brown Todd, told the Southeast Texas Record.

“Drilling has leveled off, but the industry still needs good lawyers to help oil and gas companies thrive,” Crockett said. “The 10 lawyers we obtained offer a great niche in the energy fields, but since oils and gas has not been a big part of the firm, we are still able to succeed” while maintaining an oil and gas division in the firm.

Crockett further explained that “The attorneys from Burleson initially came to us, but we are happy we had the opportunity to bring them in. They are excellent attorneys in the oil and gas industry, but they are also well-rounded attorneys” who can work in several different areas.

Frost Brown Todd is a law firm with over 500 lawyers across eight states. It offers an experienced roster of legal professionals who leverage technical, industry and legal knowledge and hands-on experience to serve a diverse client base, from global multinationals to small, entrepreneurial companies.

Their teams integrate a network of legal talent and business experience to provide comprehensive services across their regional platform.

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