July 19

Mod Stack LLC v. AudioCodes, Inc. 2:16-cv-00796-JRG-RSP

Mod Stack LLC v. Calix, Inc. 2:16-cv-00797-JRG-RSP

Mod Stack LLC v. Metaswitch Networks Corp. 2:16-cv-00798-JRG-RSP

Mod Stack LLC v. Mitel, Inc. 2:16-cv-00799-JRG-RSP

Mod Stack LLC v. Shoretel, Inc. 2:16-cv-00800-JRG-RSP

Mod Stack LLC v. Synway Information Engineering Co., Ltd. 2:16-cv-00801-JRG-RSP

The plaintiff Mod Stack is based in McKinney.

It assumes ownership of the United States Patent Number 7,460,520 entitled “Apparatus and Method for Using Multiple Call Controllers of Voice-Band Calls.”

Per recent court documents, the invention of the ‘520 patent is generally directed to systems for supporting multiple call controllers of voice-band calls.

“The inventors therefore invented the apparatuses and methods disclosed in the claims of the ’520 patent,” they say.

Mod Stack seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

It is represented by attorney David R. Bennett of the law firm Direction IP Law in Chicago.

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