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Jury verdict favors State Farm in Fort Bend Co. woman's plumbing leak case

State Farm Lloyds has earned a defense verdict in a plumbing leak case brought against it more than a year ago by a Fort Bend County woman, recent Houston federal records show.

Seaman blames ship owner for his injuries

GALVESTON — A Galveston County man is suing a ship owner, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries.

Rig watcher alleges drilling contractor owes overtime pay

TYLER — An Arkansas rig watcher is suing a Mississippi land drilling contractor, alleging violation of workers compensation acts by not paying overtime.

Mother, son blame Harris County Sherriff’s Office for relative's death

HOUSTON — A Houston mother and son are suing the Harris County Sheriff's Office, alleging its negligence caused the death of a relative.

African-American worker accuses former employers of discrimination

BEAUMONT — An African-American woman is suing an appliance business, alleging racial discrimination.

Suit over Galveston school concludes

GALVESTON - A legal dispute over a Galveston school has ended with the parties involve choosing not to proceed further with the lawsuit.

Officer accuses Brookshire Police of discrimination

HOUSTON — A police officer is suing the city of Brookshire, alleging discrimination and retaliation.

Wife blames towing service for husband's death

BEAUMONT — A Texas woman is suing a Port Arthur towing company, alleging their negligence caused her husband's death.

Handicapped veteran alleges designers, contractors violated federal law

SHERMAN — A Texas handicapped veteran is suing designers and contractors, alleging failure to uphold Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

African-American worker accuses former employer of racial discrimination

HOUSTON — A Harris County woman is suing her former employer, with offices in Katy, alleging racial discrimination.

Harris County woman blames Texas City property owners for injuries

GALVESTON — A Harris County woman is suing Texas City property owners, alleging their negligence caused her to suffer injuries.

Disabled man accuses Houston facility operators of violation federal law

HOUSTON — An organization and a disabled man is suing a Houston facility operator, alleging failure to provide proper access for the disabled.

Pedestrian alleges Gulf Coast Center negligence caused injuries

GALVESTON — A Galveston County man is suing The Gulf Coast Center, alleging one of its drivers ran him over at an intersection.

Logistics manager alleges technology company failed to pay overtime

GALVESTON — A Brazoria County logistics manager is suing a technology business, alleging unpaid wages and violation of workers compensation acts.

Jefferson County man alleges gaming complex sold liquor to intoxicated patron

BEAUMONT — A Jefferson County man is suing a gaming complex, alleging unlawful sale of liquor to intoxicated person.

Driver alleges Sam's Limousine and Transportation did not pay for all hours worked

HOUSTON – A motor coach operator alleges a Houston company and its owner and director did not pay her for all her hours worked and has filed a class-action suit.

AMB Texas City LLC accused of negligent deck maintenance

GALVESTON – A Houston woman claims a deck caused her to fall and suffer injuries.

Former World of Beer employee alleges she wasn't paid overtime

HOUSTON – A Pearland woman who was employed as a server and bartender for a Katy restaurant has filed a class-action lawsuit alleging she and other class members were not paid overtime wages.

2 Oklahomans allege commercial shipper broke agreement

HOUSTON — Two Oklahomans are suing a New Jersey commercial shipper, alleging the damage of property. 

Customer alleges GM manufactured a defective car

MARSHALL — A Texas woman is suing General Motors, alleging a design defect caused her to be ejected from her car and injured.