Dynamo Soccer claims written agreement violated, sues to recover $100K

By John Suayan | Aug 1, 2016

Claiming it is owed $100,000 for securing advertising and sponsorship rights, Dynamo Soccer, LLC has filed a lawsuit.

Court documents filed July 25 in the Harris County 333rd District Court explain that the plaintiff had a written agreement with Liberty Lakes Resort, LLC which obligated the latter to pay the former “to acquire certain advertising and/or sponsorship rights.”

Liberty Lakes reportedly promised to pay Dynamo Soccer $100,000 this year in quarterly installments and an option next year for an additional $100,000 to which the complainant asserts has not happened.

“To date, the defendant has not paid any amounts owed under the Agreement to the plaintiff,” the suit says.

“The defendant has and continues to receive the advertising and sponsorship rights under the agreement.”

Attorneys Timothy M. McCloskey and Thomas A. Woolley, III of the law firm Carrigan, Mccloskey & Roberson, L.L.P. in Houston.

Harris County 333rd District Court Case No. 2016-48988

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