BEAUMONT – A black server for a company doing business in Beaumont alleges he was discriminated against regarding compensation and the terms and conditions of his employment because of his race.

Austin Mintas filed a complaint on Jan. 12 in the Jefferson County District Court against Beaumont Country Club and WOW Food Concepts LLC alleging violation of Texas labor code and breach of contract.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff was born and raised on the U.S. Virgin Islands and was hired by WOW as a full-time server.

"Although WOW hired Mintas, he was never given full-time pay or hours to work and was never allowed to work at WOW's primary location, known as Cheddar's Restaurant," the suit states. "Instead, Mintas was allowed to work only part-time at Beaumont Country Club ... because WOW and the country club only allowed black employees to work at the country club on those occasions when there were not enough employees of other races at Beaumont County Club to satisfy the needs of the country club and WOW."

The plaintiff holds Beaumont Country Club and WOW Food Concepts LLC responsible because the defendants allegedly recklessly violated his state-protected rights by discriminating against him in connection with compensation, terms, conditions and privileges of employment because of his race, by subjecting him to continued harassment and intimidation and by terminating his employment in retaliation for reporting the discriminatory treatment.

The plaintiff seeks monetary relief of no less than $1 million and all other and further relief to which he is entitled. He is represented by Darrell Minton in Vidor.

Jefferson County District Court case number E-201169

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