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Governor Greg Abbott: Forced Annexation Is Un-Texan

Forced annexation by cities — without a vote by the impacted property owners — is piracy by government, a tyranny of taxation without representation that would have made old King George proud.

Small business is big business in Texas

It takes more than capital to start a business.

Texas is tech Mecca of America

Tech jobs are flowing to Texas as businesses flee California's high taxes, burdensome regulations and unaffordable housing.

Supporting propositions for a better Texas

If you want to cut your property taxes, vote for Proposition 1. It’s time for homeowners—not the government—to truly own their own property.

Abbott: My Goal Is To Make Texas The No. 1 State For Women-Owned Businesses

If every woman-owned business in America were able to add just one new job tomorrow, the nation would reach full employment.

Women-owned firms flourish in Texas

Businesses owned by women in Texas are growing at more than twice the rate of all firms nationwide.