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Beaumont justices hear oral arguments in pipeline 'common carrier' case

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 19, 2014

Appellate judges in Beaumont are considering a case against a pipeline company that could more clearly define how Texas law defines a common carrier. 

Judge says immigration order unconstitutional as applied to Penn. case

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 18, 2014

The same day members of Congress added their support to a Texas lawsuit claiming Barack Obama overstepped his authority by offering amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants, a federal judge in a similar suit in Pennsylvania ruled that part of the president’s deportation amnesty plan was unconstitutional.

Texans get Senate confirmations to federal courts, agency

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 17, 2014

The U.S. Senate has confirmed two Texas judges for federal courts in the Lone Star State and another Texan to lead the nation’s immigration service.

Congressmen back Texas in suit against DHS immigration directive; Say president's move a 'power grab'

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 17, 2014

When President Barack Obama took executive action to grant amnesty to millions of immigrants, the state of Texas was the first to challenge him by filing a lawsuit. Then more states joined the suit, claiming the president overstepped his authority. Now members of Congress are also stepping into the fight by joining an amicus brief filed by a legal group.

Deputy claims termination violated First Amendment rights, 5th Circuit disagrees

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 10, 2014

A former Nueces County deputy claims the sheriff violated his First Amendment rights, but a federal appeals court only partly agreed.

More states join Texas in suit against Obama's immigration action

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 10, 2014

Last week Texas led the way in filing a lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration. Now seven more states have followed the lead, bringing the total to 24 states claiming the president is violating the Constitution.

5th Circuit says 'magic words' not required for notice of suit

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 8, 2014

A ship owner whose vessel was involved in a collision with a fishing boat that killed a young girl wanted to limit the amount of liability it could have to pay in a lawsuit, but a federal appeals court says the company waited too long to file its paperwork.

Environmental groups seek intervention in Denton fracking ban suits

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 8, 2014

When the city of Denton passed a ban on hydraulic fracturing, the general land office and the oil and gas industry quickly filed lawsuits to stop the ban. Now environmental groups are trying to intervene in the suits.

Litigation continues in highway guardrail case

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 5, 2014

Trinity Industries was hit with a $175 million verdict for giving false information to the government about the highway guardrails it manufactures, but the case is not over.

New 'common carrier' rules could affect Jefferson County landowners' suit

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 5, 2014

New rules defining the “common carrier” status of oil and gas pipelines in Texas may help Jefferson County landowners in an ongoing battle over eminent domain.

Texas leads multi-state suit over Obama's executive order on immigration

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 4, 2014

Attorney General Greg Abbott announced Wednesday that Texas is leading a 17-state coalition that is suing the Obama administration over the president’s executive action on immigration.

Houston attorney's movie suit moved to federal court

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 3, 2014

Houston attorney Anthony Buzbee claims he was duped into investing a movie deal and has now had his lawsuit moved to federal court.

Denton fracking ban goes into effect as city responds to lawsuits

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 3, 2014

The ban on hydraulic fracturing in the city of Denton went into effect Tuesday, despite objections from a state agency and an industry group. 

Judgment in favor of ISP in 'revenge porn' case stands; Texas Supreme Court denies review

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 2, 2014

More than a dozen women who allege their nude photos were posted on “revenge porn” websites have had their claim against an Internet service provider dismissed, as the Texas Supreme Court has denied to review their case. 

Hermann Park bridge named for Coats Rose founder

By Marilyn Tennissen | Nov 29, 2014

HOUSTON - A new bridge named for a longtime Houston attorney will allow bicycle riders to cruise miles of trails along the bayou.

Gov. Perry Addresses 83rd Legislature: Fiscally conservative policies lead to a strong Texas

By Marilyn Tennissen | Nov 29, 2014

Gov. Rick Perry addresses the Texas Senate and House of Representatives on the opening day of the 83rd Legislative Session on Jan. 8. Perry urged Texas lawmakers to remain faithful to the conservative fiscal principles that have kept the Texas economy strong, allowed for tremendous job growth and helped the state weather the national economic recession.

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