News from December 2007

Which plaintiffs provenance?

By The SE Texas Record | Dec 1, 2007

How did Jason Gibson find his clients?

Supreme Court hears case over bar room brawl at ritzy resort

By Steve Korris | Dec 3, 2007

Del Lago Resort in Conroe AUSTIN � In a case from "Houston's playground," the Texas Supreme Court must decide whether to hold a bar owner liable for injuries from a brawl.

Appeals court agrees deputy should get new trial over back pay

By David Yates | Dec 3, 2007

A Jefferson County sheriff's deputy will get another chance in court to recover the full pay he claims he is owed for time lost after a work-related injury.

Suit alleges retaliation for tip to EPA over illegal oil dumping

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Dec 3, 2007

MARSHALL -- Robert Steinruck says he was worried about contaminating a day care center when he refused to help dump used oil into a parking lot. Now Steinruck claims he was fired after he notified the Environmental Protection Agency about the illegal dumping.

Trial begins for man doused with medical waste

By David Yates | Dec 3, 2007

Blasted in the face with "spoiled and contaminated bodily fluids" while removing waste from Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital, George Glenn Eddings first sought medical attention and then quickly followed up with a civil suit.

Legally Speaking: Not your everyday lawyers

By John G. Browning | Dec 4, 2007

Law school tends to attract all types of people, even if they don't always make it all the way through to graduation.

Injunction hearing reset for competing coin dealers case

By David Yates | Dec 4, 2007

Austin-based U.S Money Reserve, Inc. is pursuing a permanent injunction against a band of former employees, who formed their own coin company by allegedly stealing the company's consumer accounts.

Tenant at Cardinal Square sues after fall

By David Yates | Dec 4, 2007

A tenant at Cardinal Square apartments says a protruding metal strip snagged her foot and caused her tumble down a flight of stairs and crash land on a slab of cement.

Bad business suit filed over bum Baja boat

By David Yates | Dec 4, 2007

Baja Outlaw 40 Tom Jordan claims Baja Marine Corp. sold him a bum boat and has filed a Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act against the company.

Another suit alleges Pine Forest allowed patient to fall

By David Yates | Dec 4, 2007

Clay Dugas Another medical-malpractice lawsuit alleging that the Pine Forest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center failed to supervise patients and allowed them to fall has been filed against the care provider.

Lemon Law bench trial against Mike Smith Autoplex slated

By David Yates | Dec 4, 2007

John Read and his lawyer will spend Wednesday morning attempting to convince Judge Gary Sanderson, 60th Judicial District, that Mike Smith Autoplex sold him a "lemon."

Read the fine print this holiday season and avoid litigation

By David Yates | Dec 5, 2007

A new Better Business Bureau survey suggests consumers are neglecting to read the extended warranties, service contracts and return/exchange policies when purchasing goods.

Vidor residents sue seismic testing company for home damage

By David Yates | Dec 5, 2007

'Thumper Truck' used for seismic testing A group of Orange County residents are claiming seismic testing left their homes in shambles.

Orange man sues Goodwill for not hiring his workers

By David Yates | Dec 5, 2007

A hiring scout for Goodwill is suing the charity for refusing to hire and pay him for the "suitable persons" he found to work.

Texas SC rules for insurer in fee-dispute class action

By Rob Luke | Dec 5, 2007

Justice Paul W. Green AUSTIN -- The Texas Supreme Court will likely draw more fire from opponents accusing it of pro-business bias following an opinion last week in a class action suit against a prominent insurer.

Quaids sue drug maker over children's overdose

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 5, 2007

Actor Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly filed suit Dec. 4 against the manufacturer of heparin, claiming the drug maker's labeling and design were the cause of a massive overdose of their newborn twins, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Luck runs out for tort king, Scruggs indicted for bribery

By Steve Korris | Dec 6, 2007

OXFORD, Mississippi � Ten years after the Supreme Court of Mississippi turned the Attorney General's office into a mint cranking out easy money for lucky lawyers, the luckiest one of all has dragged the whole state down in disgrace.

Forty-one East Texas families allege Pilgrim's Pride violated labor standards

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Dec 6, 2007

MARSHALL -- Pilgrim's Pride is facing allegations of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act from 41 East Texas families who are contracted to operate chicken farms for Pilgrim.

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