News from July 2008

Couple never receives cash back on new truck, sues rewards company

By Marilyn Tennissen | Jul 1, 2008

Orange County residents Ricky Lee and Tammie Weatherford made a trip to Energy Country Ford in Port Arthur to purchase a new vehicle and $1,500 cash back.

Texas SC justices face ethics hearings

By Chris Rizo | Jul 1, 2008

AUSTIN(Legal Newsline)- At least two Texas Supreme Court justices have ethics complaints pending against them.

Legally Speaking: The Justies � Part II

By John G. Browning | Jul 1, 2008

In last week's column, we brought you the first installment of the Justies, our own attempt to recognize some of the most bizarre and/or amusing stories coming out of the legal system.

A Core Right, Reaffirmed

By U.S. Sen. John Cornyn | Jul 1, 2008

As we celebrate Independence Day this year, we can also celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court's recognition that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to keep and bear arms.

Criss to Coon: Wrap it up

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Jul 2, 2008

Judge Susan Criss GALVESTON � Galveston County 212th District Judge Susan Criss has given plaintiffs' attorney Brent Coon of Beaumont up until noon on July 8 to finish the seven-week trial against BP.

Nexstar gets second shot at recovering damages from former newscaster

By David Yates | Jul 2, 2008

A past Southeast Texas media personality who left the area to pursue bluer oceans in Florida may come home soon, thanks to Beaumont justices granting Jennifer Gray's former employer Nexstar Broadcasting a new trial.

Justices affirm Judge Floyd's ruling, waive off inmate's 'frivolous' suit against AG

By David Yates | Jul 2, 2008

Inmate Anthony Leon Summers' brief legal pursuit against Texas' attorney general ended June 26, as Beaumont justices affirmed a trial court's ruling that his suit -- alleging murder conspiracy -- is frivolous.

Tyson faces Arkansas class action over chicken labeling

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Jul 3, 2008

TEXARKANA, Ark. � Shortly after an injunction barring Tyson Foods from advertising that its chicken products do not contain antibiotics, consumers are filing class actions claiming the poultry giant used deceptive marketing.

Brazen Web scam uses AG's likeness and logo

By Chris Rizo | Jul 3, 2008

Greg Abbott AUSTIN, Texas (Legal Newsline)-An email scam using the photograph and Web site banner of the Texas attorney general office is targeting consumers, his office said Thursday.

Recent patent infringement cases filed in U.S. District Courts

By Marilyn Tennissen | Jul 3, 2008

Recent patent infringement cases filed in U.S. Courts, Eastern District of Texas, June 26-July 1

Suit alleges asbestos users purposely mislead workers

By David Yates | Jul 3, 2008

Samantha Flores Warren Devillier and his wife Rose are suing A.W. Chesterton, along with 15 other companies, for conspiring to mine, process and sell asbestos products, suppressing the information pertaining to the fiber's hazardous influence on human health and purposely inflicting him with an asbestos disease.

Worker claims toxic release at Valero caused mental impairment

By David Yates | Jul 3, 2008

A teenage refinery worker has filed suit against Valero Energy Corp. and Wyatt Service Co. for allegedly exposing him to toxic levels of hydrogen sulfide, which he claims has left him mentally impaired.

Murder allegations lead to libel suit

By David Yates | Jul 3, 2008

John Seth Bullard A suicide in Pakistan, slanderous e-mails and allegations of murder are not storylines out of this summer's hottest paperback, but the subject of a lawsuit recently filed in Jefferson County.

'Trashy appearance' leads Parker to sue neighboring business

By David Yates | Jul 7, 2008

The overgrown condition of the vacant lot across from the Parker Law Firm in Port Arthur has lead Carl Parker to file suit against the owners of the property. A former state senator is suing the owner of the vacant lot across from his Port Arthur law office, alleging its dilapidated appearance is lowering the market value of his property.

Yacht club sued for dangerous condition on premises

By David Yates | Jul 7, 2008

A local resident has filed suit against the Beaumont Yacht Club, claiming that a blatant "dangerous condition" exists where club patrons walk.

Dad seeks $3M for daughter's exposure to moldy apartment

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Jul 8, 2008

The Park at Waterford in Kemah GALVESTON � Reported widespread presence of mold forced a local man and his infant daughter to leave their apartment after a year as tenants, argues a lawsuit filed in Galveston County District Court on July 1.

Charity sues charity for theft of donor list

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Jul 8, 2008

MARSHALL � Two employees and a board member of the Longview charity American Syringomyelia Alliance Project ("ASAP") recently resigned and started a new nonprofit with the same mission.

Legally Speaking: "Warning: This Underwear May Land You in Court"

By The SE Texas Record | Jul 8, 2008

The sexy, delicate lingerie sold by Victoria's Secret is supposed to be barely legal and eye-catching � just not literally eye-catching.

Daughter of deceased DuPont employee sues for dad's asbestos exposure

By David Yates | Jul 8, 2008

ORANGE -- The daughter of a deceased DuPont employee is suing her father's former employer and 13 other companies for maliciously inflicting him with an asbestos illness.

This Just In: Recent civil suits filed in Orange County District Courts

By David Yates | Jul 8, 2008

This Just In: Recent civil suits filed in Orange County District Courts, June 24-July 2, 2008

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