News from March 2008

DuPont dramatics

By The SE Texas Record | Mar 1, 2008

Right versus wrong doesn't a difficult decision make.

Untimely bathroom break leads to suit against LIT

By David Yates | Mar 3, 2008

While having some dental work done at the Lamar Institute of Technology, Marilyn Stern-Duhon tripped over an electrical-injunction box when she dismounted from a dental chair. She has filed suit against the college, claiming a Lamar dental technician forced her to exit the chair from the wrong side.

Conductor claims UP violated federal regulation that led to injuries

By David Yates | Mar 3, 2008

A Union Pacific Railroad Co. employee has sued the company, claiming that he was exposed to repetitive trauma during his career. G. David Colbert alleges his injuries were caused because UP violated several federal regulations.

Suit says manufacturers conspired to distribute asbestos products

By David Yates | Mar 3, 2008

Lou Thompson Black Paul A. Wilhelm is suing A.W. Chesterton, along with 29 other companies, for conspiring to mine, process and sell asbestos products, suppressing the information pertaining to the fiber's hazardous influence on human health and purposely inflicting him with an asbestos disease.

Texans head to the polls! Stay with The Record for primary results!

By Marilyn Tennissen | Mar 4, 2008

The polls are now open for the Texas primaries, where much of the national attention will be on the Democratic race for the presidential nomination. But the Texas ballots also include races that could affect the state's judicial makeup.

Family of motorcycle rider killed in Sabine Pass sues Entergy over location of guy wire

By David Yates | Mar 4, 2008

A Mississippi family is suing Entergy, claiming Merrell Robinson was killed because the power company placed a guy wire too close to the road. Robinson died on Feb. 24 when his motorcycle went off the road in Sabine Pass.

Scaffold worker says faulty lanyard led to fall, sues Valero and employer

By David Yates | Mar 4, 2008

A scaffold builder plummeted to the ground after his safety lanyard snapped. Seeking monetary compensation for his injuries, Rodney Figueroa, along with his wife Mellissa, have filed suit against the makers of the lanyard, the premises he was working at and his employer.

TX insurers must cover sloppy builders, SC reaffirms

By Rob Luke | Mar 4, 2008

Texas Supreme Court AUSTIN -- The Texas Supreme Court has re-affirmed an earlier ruling that insurers must defend claims of property damage even where caused by the builders' defective workmanship.

Yanez leading Criss in Texas early voting

By Marilyn Tennissen | Mar 4, 2008

Linda Yanez With early votes counted, Linda Yanez has a statewide lead over Susan Criss in the Democratic Primary race for Place 8 on the Texas Supreme Court.

Legally Speaking: Disorder in the court?

By John G. Browning | Mar 4, 2008

Having practiced law for over 18 years, I thought I'd seen it all until the evening news recently played a piece of courtroom video from a criminal trial in Georgetown, Ky.

UPDATE (11 p.m.): Yanez still ahead of Criss in primary

By Marilyn Tennissen | Mar 4, 2008

Linda Yanez With just over 50 percent of precincts reporting in the Democratic primary, Linda Yanez is maintaining her statewide lead over Susan Criss for a seat on the Texas Supreme Court.

Criss loses bid for Dem nomination to Texas Supreme Court

By Marilyn Tennissen | Mar 5, 2008

Linda Yanez In spite of large campaign contributions from Southeast Texas trial lawyers,Galveston District Court Judge Susan Criss has lost out on her bid to secure the Democratic nomination for a seat on the Texas Supreme Court.

Legal watchdog urges voters: Know your judicial candidates

By The SE Texas Record | Mar 5, 2008

AUSTIN � With the primary elections over, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) groups are urging voters to spend the coming months learning about all judicial candidates' backgrounds and qualifications before heading to the polls for the general election in November.

Collision at Orange car wash leads to suit against owner

By David Yates | Mar 5, 2008

ORANGE -- Instead of a clean car, an Orange man came home with a dented vehicle after being rear-ended by a car wash employee.

Galveston County subdivision attempts restraining order

By Shirley Willcock, Galveston Bureau | Mar 5, 2008

Marina del Sol in Kemah GALVESTON -- Two property owners had plans to renovate a lot in a Kemah subdivision three years ago, but their plans were rejected by the home owners association. But the property owners continued with some of the construction anyway and now the homeowners association is seeking a restraining order against them.

Rita suits still continue to trickle in Orange Court

By David Yates | Mar 5, 2008

Mostyn ORANGE -- Hurricane Rita lost strength and dissipated more than two years ago; however, the lawsuits that followed in her wake continue to trickle in.

Jury determines tree damage from Rita 'act of God' not homeowner's negligence

By David Yates | Mar 5, 2008

While the "if a tree falls and nobody hears it" philosophical question still remains unanswered, Jefferson County jurors were able to answer a question of a more legal nature: If a tree falls during Hurricane Rita is it considered an Act of God or negligence?

Two Marshall cases allege GM produced faulty seatbelts

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Mar 5, 2008

MARSHALL � Two recent federal lawsuits filed in the Eastern District of Texas accuse GM of producing faulty seatbelts.

Plaintiff alleges termination due to employer's greed

By Shirley Willcock, Galveston Bureau | Mar 5, 2008

Lucie Treddenick GALVESTON -- A Galveston County man claims he was terminated without discussion, in spite of an employment agreement, simply for the purposes of "greed, personal control and power."

Injured theater-goer sues Jefferson Theater, management

By David Yates | Mar 5, 2008

Frances Devall says she was severely injured while attending a Lamar University production at the Jefferson Theater nearly two years ago.

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