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Recent patent infringement cases filed in U.S. District Courts

Recent patent infringement cases filed in U.S. District Courts, April 24-30, 2008

Arkansas SC set to hear multi-state class certification issues

TEXARKANA, Ark. � The Arkansas Supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments on whether the Miller County Circuit Court erred in certifying a nationwide class prior to considering choice-of-law issues. The oral arguments are scheduled for May 29 in Little Rock.

Texas SC: Manufacturing defect must be looked at in Bic lighter case

AUSTIN � Federal law prohibits lawsuits in state courts that allege design defects in Bic lighters, but it doesn't prevent suits in state courts that allege manufacturing defects in the lighters, the Texas Supreme Court decided April 18.

New business licenses/assumed names issued in Jefferson County

Orig. Filing Date: 04/24/2008 Certificate #: 72660

Louisiana AG staying on the political sidelines

Louisiana Attorney General James "Buddy" Caldwell BATON ROUGE(Legal Newsline)- Louisiana Attorney General James "Buddy" Caldwell says he will leave others to campaign for their favorite presidential hopeful, noting he "likes" them all.

KCS Railway sued for man's leg amputation

A railroad worker lost his leg last month while aiding in switching operations. Now, James W. Murray wants compensation for his injury and has filed suit against his employer, Kansas City Southern Railway Co.

Homeowner's association suspects former president of rip offs

The Alpine Village Homeowner's Association suspects its former president of shady dealings and has filed suit against him in hopes of making him talk.

This Just In: Recent civil suits filed in Galveston County District Courts

April 21

This Just In: Recent civil suits filed in Orange County District Courts

April 23

This Just In: Recent civil suits filed in Jefferson County District Courts

April 23

It's one or the other

Where jackpot justice thrives, economic growth does not.

Brent Coon reaches five settlements in enormous asbestos suit

Brent Coon More settlements have been reached in an asbestos suit so enormous that its plaintiffs routinely occupy the bulk of Judge Donald Floyd's 172nd District Court monthly docket.

Contractor who said Penney's never paid for Rita repairs files motion for non-suit

JC Penney's at Parkdale Mall in Beaumont The remodeling company who filed suit against J.C. Penney and Royal Seal Inc. back in March claiming the retailer never paid for repairs made to local stores following Hurricane Rita has filed a motion for non-suit without prejudice.

Law Day speaker reminds local bar U.S. history 'must be told'

While U.S. Congressional mandates force teachers to ritually grind math and science into students' diets in preparation for tests designed to leave no child behind, one university vice presidents says another crucial subject is regrettably forgotten: history.

Beaumont man wants to save historic house from demolition

A Beaumont man purchased a condemned house in hopes of saving the "historic home" from demolition.

Nurse claims Medical Center fired her because of race

An African American nurse claims the Medical Center of Southeast Texas fired her because of her skin color, and has filed a suit against the hospital on allegations of racial discrimination.

Gamble doubles the odds: Two suits target Speedy Stop for same injury

More than two years ago, David Gamble pulled over at the College Street Speedy Stop to pump air into his deflating tires. As he walked toward his vehicle with hose in hand, Gamble slipped in a puddle of water.

Family of motorcycle rider killed in Sabine Pass has Entergy suit dismissed

A Mississippi family who sued Entergy, claiming Merrell Robinson was killed because the power company placed a guy wire too close to the road, had their motion for non-suit granted.

Suit involving Rita evacuee who tripped over lumpy rug transferred

Frances Chatman, who escaped the looming dangers of Hurricane Rita only to fall prey to "lumpy" floor mats while staying at a Harvey Suites Hotel, has had her suit transferred to Dallas County.

Legally Speaking: The World Turned Upside Down-Part II

If the wackiness afoot in the legal system makes you wonder sometimes if the end of the world is approaching, then you're not alone. Some of the hard to believe developments that have occurred recently make me wonder if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are going to show up carrying briefcases.