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***Woman claims former employer violated Americans with Disabilities Act

A Beaumont woman has filed suit against her former employer, alleging she was wrongly terminated after her company found her unfit for work.

Man claims injuries in collision

A man claims he suffered physical pain after a driver failed to keep a proper lookout and struck his vehicle.

Incarcerated woman claims injuries in collision

An incarcerated woman has filed suit against the allegedly intoxicated driver she claims struck the vehicle she was riding in, causing a serious collision.

Iraq seeks return of more than one million barrels of crude oil on its way to Galveston

The Ministry of Oil of the Republic of Iraq seeks possession of more than one million barrels of oil that it claims was illegally pumped from Iraqi oil fields, according to a recently filed federal lawsuit. 

Texas files lawsuit against prisoner accused of harboring contraband

The state of Texas has filed a notice of seizure and intention to forfeit against a Beaumont man.

State files lawsuit against woman allegedly in possession of contraband

The state of Texas has filed a notice of seizure and intention to forfeit against a Port Arthur woman.

Mother blames Toyota Lift employee for accident that injured child

The parent of a minor child who was allegedly injured in a collision blames a Toyota employee for causing the accident.Nancy McNeil filed a lawsuit Sept. 19 in Galveston County District Court against Toyota Lift of Houston and Rene Flores.In her complaint, McNeil alleges the child, a minor, was exiting a parking lot onto Friendswood Drive on July 21 when Flores, who was driving for Toyota Lift, struck

Woman sues driver who rear-ended her car

A woman alleges she suffered serious injuries after a driver rear-ended her vehicle.Vulnaiva Campbell filed a lawsuit Sept. 19 in the Marshall Division of the Eastern District of Texas against Kaisha Strickland.In her complaint, Campbell alleges she was stopped facing southbound on McCann Road and was waiting for a red light at Glencrest Drive in Longview on Nov. 22, 2013. Suddenly, Strickland, who

Man blames employers Chevron, Texaco for his father's death

The son of a recently deceased man has filed suit against his father's employer, alleging the employer caused his dad's death.Lloyd Alan Seegers alleges his father, Henry Lloyd Seegers, was working for defendants Chevron and Texaco at their Port Neches and Port Arthur facilities where he was exposed to toxic and carcinogenic benzene, according to a lawsuit filed Sept. 17 in Jefferson County District

Woman says ambulance driver struck child

The mother of a minor child has filed suit against the health district that employed an ambulance driver whom she alleges struck her child while he was riding his bicycle.Patricia Garza alleges her minor son was riding his bicycle July 27, when Jamin Silva, who was driving an ambulance for defendant Galveston County Health District, struck him.Because of the incident, Garza's son suffered head, neck,

Man runs stop sign, four people file suit

Four Jefferson County residents say they suffered various injuries after a driver allegedly ran a stop sign.Eddie Jessie, individually and as next friend of Dallas Jessie, London Jessie and Nadia Jessie, filed a lawsuit Sept. 18 in Jefferson County District Court against Thomas Lightfoot.In their complaint, the plaintiffs allege they were traveling north on Eastex Freeway on Aug. 13, when Lightfoot,

Woman seeks damages after U.S. 69 accident

A woman has filed suit against the driver whom she alleges failed to control his speed and caused an accident involving her vehicle.Lenoria Simpson alleges she was stopped in traffic on U.S. Route 69 in Port Arthur on Aug. 4, when defendant Holly Galvan failed to control her speed and struck the vehicle in between Galvan and Simpson, pushing that vehicle into Simpson's.Because of the collision, Simpson

Man alleges injuries from collision

A man alleges he sustained personal injuries in a collision.Roy Edward Knight II filed a lawsuit Sept. 17 in Jefferson County District Court against Orlan Sharp Jr. and Trishawna Sharp.In his complaint, Knight says he sustained personal injuries in a collision April 29, 2013, in Jefferson County. He also suffered physical pain and mental suffering, incurred medical costs, lost his earnings and earning

Auto dealer alleges former worker took other workers when he left

An automotive company alleges a former employee lured other employees away from the company when he left his job.Sonic Automotive and Philpott Motors filed a lawsuit Sept. 16 in Jefferson County District Court against Kevin McCabe, Southeast Texas Classic Automotive, Twin City Motors and Twin City Honda, Twin City Classic Automotive, The Beaumont Company, Beaumont Motor Company, Classic Chevrolet Cadillac,

Wife files suit for late husband's insurance

A Nome, Texas, resident has filed suit against the son of her recently deceased husband, seeking clarification of who is supposed to receive money following his death.Elizabeth Stanley says her husband, Perry Dean Stanley Jr., died April 18. At the time of his death, Perry Dean Stanley Jr. had an insurance policy through Unum Life Insurance Company of America, according to the complaint filed Sept

Man seeks damages from accident

A man alleges he suffered injuries when a driver allegedly ran a red light and struck his vehicle.Fernando Valencia filed a lawsuit Sept. 16 in Jefferson County District Court against America Hernandez.In his complaint, Valencia alleges he was driving south on state Highway 347 on Oct. 17, 2012, when Hernandez, who was driving west on 39th Street, ran a red light and struck Valencia's vehicle.Because

Woman blames motorcyclist for wreck, injuries

A woman has filed suit against the motorcycle driver whom she alleges caused a collision.Carol Mosby alleges she was riding on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle defendant Jimmy Kenneth Greer Jr. was driving at the intersection of Craig Street and Neches Street in Beaumont on Sept. 21, 2012. At the same time, an 18-wheeler was driving east on Craig Street, according to the complaint filed Sep

Dealer blames car wash, lube shop for destroying engine in Benz

A car dealership alleges it was forced to replace the engine in a Mercedes-Benz after a local car wash allegedly failed to place the correct oil filter in the vehicle during a routine oil change.

Man blames rug for injuries at grocery store

A Galveston County man has filed suit against Kroger, alleging he sustained injuries when he tripped on a rug at the store.Bill Don Frazier alleges he was shopping at the Kroger at 151 North Friendswood Drive, Friendswood, on Sept. 22, 2012, when he tripped and fell on an unsafe worn rug that was bunched against a metal railing running across the door entrance.

Man blames pregnant wife's death on car manufacturer

The husband and children of a deceased woman claim their pregnant mother and wife died due to the negligent design of the Chrysler in which they were riding.