A Jefferson County worker is suing a non-profit corporation for alleged wrongful accusations in 2013.

Omar Mumin filed a lawsuit against Woodcreek Outreach Rehabilitation Development of Huntsville on April 16 in Jefferson County District Court, claiming unfounded allegations and retaliatory behavior in May 2013.

Mumin worked as an employee of Woodcreek, which maintains highway cleanup, as a supervisor. According to the lawsuit, Mumin was fired after repeatedly complaining of unsafe working conditions, alleged drug use by co-workers, improper signage and mechanical safety issues. Additionally, he reported alleged infringements to the Texas Department of Transportation.

The complaint states that after the plaintiff was fired, the defendant wrongfully accused him of stealing materials, filing criminal charges against him on May 1, 2013. The charges were dropped, but the firm withheld his last paycheck nevertheless.

Mumin cites the defendant with acting in retaliation for his reporting supposedly unsafe working conditions; with malice, libel and slander; and with violation of Texas Wage and Hour Laws. He claims that Woodcreek is liable for his unpaid wages and for general damages.

Citing harm to his reputation and ability to find employment; emotional distress; humiliation; and lost wages, the plaintiff seeks between $100,000 and $200,000 in actual and exemplary damages; attorney’s fees; expenses; and costs. He is represented by Paul Gertz of the Gertz Law Firm, Beaumont.

Jefferson County District Court case no. A-197005

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