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Houston lawyer sidesteps sanctions over ‘frivolous’ RICO suit

SAN ANTONIO– In an off-the-wall ricocheted decision, an attorney for two plaintiffs recently prevailed over the odds when a judge spared him a $70,000 fee initially imposed in a RICO case in U.S. District Court in Dallas.

Farmers charge two companies with herbicidal crop damage

A Jefferson County farming couple and their business are suing two corporations, alleging negligence, trespassing, unlawful property damage and willful destruction of their property.

Patron sues Wendy’s, alleging negligence for fall

A Matagorda County woman is suing Wendy's, alleging premises liability in a trip and fall accident that the plaintiff says alleges caused severe injuries.

Insured driver sues Allstate, claiming unsatisfactory collision reimbursement

A Jefferson County resident is suing her insurance company alleging breach of contract based on her 2013 motor vehicle-related claim.

Railroad worker’s estate sues PTRA and Union Pacific alleging asbestos-related death

A railroad worker’s estate executors are suing his employers alleging wrongful death in the man’s alleged exposure to asbestos over the course of his career beginning in 1959 and culminating in 2002.

Drug suspect sues Houston police officers, alleging wrongful conduct

A Texas man is suing a municipal jurisdiction and eight individual officers, alleging malicious abuse during a violent encounter that the plaintiff says constituted wrongful conduct.

Welders charge Nabors Industries with willful FLSA violation, demand overtime pay in class action suit

Seven individuals from counties in Texas and Oklahoma are suing their Houston-area employer on behalf of a putative class, alleging Fair Labor Standards Act violations during the past three years.

Worker brings class action against Danna Chiropractic Clinics alleging overtime pay avoidance

A clinic worker is bringing a class action complaint against a Houston consortium of chiropractic practitioners to recover unpaid wages alleging unlawful evasion of overtime payment during the last three years and in particular, beginning in 2014 for the plaintiff.

Shopper sues Walmart, alleging pallet trip caused injuries

A Jefferson County resident is suing Wal-Mart Stores Texas LLC, alleging negligence and liability for personal injuries allegedly sustained during a 2013 shopping trip.

Disabled Latino worker charges ex-employer with discrimination

A disabled Harris County man is suing his former employer, alleging civil rights violation, disability discrimination and retaliatory discharge in his job loss.

Former employee sues Car Wash Etc. claiming FLSA violation

A Houston area woman is suing her employer alleging violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act prior to and during 2015.

Ex-employee sues Americana Café for allegedly owed overtime wages

A restaurant worker is suing his former employer, Americana Café, and its principal chef, alleging violation of labor law in a 2014 wage dispute.

Motorist sues Postal Service, driver over alleged injuries after accident

A Harris County resident is suing U.S. Postal Service and one of its employees, alleging vehicular negligence in a 2013 car wreck.

Harris County motorist charges Orange men with vehicular negligence

A Harris County man is suing two individuals, alleging vehicular negligence and traffic violations a highway encounter that he says left him with serious injuries and property damage.

Angelina County couple sues Standifer's Trucking in Lufkin road accident

An Angelina County couple is suing an Oklahoma trucking firm and two of its principals, alleging roadway negligence in an accident.

Jefferson County driver sues Hardin County motorist in Beaumont collision

A Jefferson County woman is suing is suing a Hardin County motorist, alleging vehicular negligence in a car accident in Beaumont.

Texas man sues Buffalo Marine Service Inc. following injury at sea

A seaman is suing Houston maritime employer Buffalo Marine Service Inc., alleging negligence during a workplace injury which he claims left him permanently disabled.

Port Arthur resident sues Foremost Lloyds over contended denial of coverage for lost baseball card

A Port Arthur resident is suing Austin insurance firm Foremost Lloyds, alleging breach of contract in a 2013 property damage claim which he claims the defendant has refused to cover.

Estate representative Alice Nash alleges wrongful death

A Jasper County woman is is suing a physician, alleging wrongful death during her son's hospital stay.

Gary Connelly alleges unpaid overtime by Cokebusters

A Missouri City man is suing his former employer, alleging violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act when he says it refused to pay him proper overtime wages.