Kenyan man protests deportation

by David Yates |
Mar. 29, 2007, 3:00am

Ronald Coba, a native of Kenya, stood in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse recently to protest his possible deportation back to Africa.

Ronald Koba, a Houston high school teacher and father of three, will soon be deported back to Kenya, Africa, for a crime he says he didn't commit. He claims his civil rights were violated by the Jefferson County judicial system.

Koba, along with his wife Candice of Beaumont, have formed a group called Civil Rights of Humanity for God. The couple was seen on the steps of the Jefferson County Courthouse for several days this week, peacefully holding signs and talking to anyone who would listen to their story.

Koba, who was charged with burglary, says District Attorney Tom Maness suppressed evidence that would have proven his innocence. He also claims Maness' friendship with Judge Layne Walker, 252nd District Criminal Court, influenced Walker's decision.

"Walker and Maness committed treason by violating the U.S. Constitution," Koba said.

Koba, who also says he wasn't fully informed of his rights, consented to a plea-bargain deal of four years of probation without fully understanding that the deal meant a return trip to Kenya.

"He is my source, my livelihood," said Candice. "I depend on him."

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