July 25

Maverick International vs. Intec Engineering Partnership et al

PA � Robert Dunham, J � Bob Wortham

Maverick International, a Beaumont based company, agreed to design and manufacture a $3 million pipe for Intec Engineering and Suez Energy North America. Maverick claims it finished the pipe two weeks ago, but now nobody wants it.

Seeking compensation for its efforts, Maverick filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Intec and Suez Energy. On May 3, 2007 Intec placed on order with Maverick for a special type of pipe. The contracted price for the pipe was $3,615,220. Suez claims it never authorized Intec to place the pipe order.

Case No. A179-713

July 26

Johnny and Arlondine Shaw vs. Deluxe Inns & Suites et al

PA � Brian Sutton, J � Milton Shuffield

Shocked by the condition of an oven at the Deluxe Inns & Suites located on College Street, Johnny Shaw and his wife have filed a lawsuit against the hotel and its owners.

Shaw claims he suffered "severely disabling and permanent" injuries from an electrical shock caused by a faulty oven in his room. Shaw says in his suit that the defendants were negligent for failing to provide him safe appliances and warn him of the dangerous condition.

Case No. D179-719

July 27

Advento Cano vs. King Fisher Mariner Service Inc. et al

PA � John Stevenson Jr., J � Bob Wortham

Advento Cano claims he was injured while at sea. Invoking the Jones Act, Cano says his injuries were "negligently" caused by the dredging company he works for and has filed suit. Cano's personal injury lawsuit, filed on July 27 in the Jefferson County District Court, lists King Fisher Mariner Service Inc., King Fisher Marine Service and Orion Marine Group Inc. as defendants. All three defendants work as one group.

The suit does not describe how Cano was injured. The suit only says on June 13, 2007, he was severely injured and that "nothing Cano did or failed to do�caused or in any way contributed to cause his injuries."
Legislation aimed at curtailing frivolous lawsuits against dredging companies by limiting where plaintiff's lawyers could file suits from was recently approved by the Texas Legislator.

Case No. A179-723

Roy and Theresa Dean vs. Tri-Con Inc.

PA � Kip Lamb, J � Bob Wortham

The owners of a Hardin County country store are suing Tri-Con Inc., a fuel supplier, for refusing to replace and remove one of its gas canopies from the store's premise after Hurricane Rita tore it down.

Roy and Theresa Dean, owners of Oates Country Corner store, claim they asked Tri-Con numerous times to remove its "potentially hazardous" canopy but were ignored, "and after suffering loss of business due to the damaged canopy," they were forced to remove it themselves at their own expense.

Case No. A179-724

July 30

Mary Woodall et al vs. Promise Hospital of Southeast Texas

PA - Daniel Packard, J - Judge Donald Floyd

The family of a disabled veteran is suing a Nederland hospital, claiming the facility's care givers negligently ignored Gary Woodall, abused him and ultimately were the source of the elderly man's death.

Mary E. Woodall, and several other family members, filed a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit against Promise Healthcare Inc. Promise Healthcare operates and owns the Promise Hospital of Southeast Texas, located at 2600 Highway 365 in Nederland.

Case No. E179-728

Aug. 1

Eric Lozano vs. King Fisher Marine Service

PA � Anthony Buzbee, J - Bob Wortham

Eric Lozano's fellowship mates evidently didn't catch the slogan: "Don't mess with Texas." Suing his employer for $1.5 million, plus court costs, Lozano claims he tripped and fell on some trash. Attorney Anthony Buzbee filed Lozano's personal injury lawsuit against King Fisher Marine Service.

Case No. A179-734

Gary and Karen Kiefer vs. Farmers Insurance Exchange

PA - Michael Ramsey, J - Gary Sanderson

Beaumont couple Gary and Karen Kiefer maintain that their insurance policy covered windstorm damage. However, after Hurricane Rita hit, the couple says Farmers Insurance Exchange denied their policy claim.

The couple filed their breach of contract lawsuit against Farmers with the Jefferson County District Court on Aug. 1.

Case No. B179-740

Jimmie Smith vs. Farmers Insurance Exchange

PA � Wyatt Snider, J - Gary Sanderson

Groves resident Jimmie Smith filed a policy claim for property damage with Farmers Insurance Exchange following Hurricane Rita in 2005. He received a sum of money but now, nearly two years later, says it wasn't enough. Smith filed a breach of contract lawsuit against

Farmers with the Jefferson County District Court on Aug. 1.

Case No. B179-739

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