Aug. 2

-Wanda Lewis vs. Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
PA � Steve Mostyn, Milton Shuffield
Beaumont homeowner Wanda Lewis claims that the Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Co., along with three of its adjusters, wrongfully denied her Hurricane Rita damage claim, even though her policy covered windstorm damage. Lewis filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Capitol, Roberto Eniquez, Dawn Mulkey and Catherine Hendrix.
Case No. D179-744

-Norman and Donna Abshere vs. Acc Capital Holdings et al
PA � John Werner, J � Donald Floyd
A local couple, whose home was no longer habitable after Hurricane Rita hit, is suing their lender for going back on its promise. Norman and Donna Abshere claim Acc Capital Holdings, the Ameriquest Mortgage Co. and AMC Mortgage Service Inc. agreed to allow them to participate in a "Disaster Relief Program." The program allegedly gave the Absheres the option of delaying payments on their loan for 12-months. However, the couple asserts within less than 12 months the three companies went back on their word and reported them as delinquent to credit agencies. And when they tired to make a payment, the companies refused their money "on the pretext that they were in default." The Absheres are suing the defendants for deceptive trade practice damages.
Case No. E179-751

Aug. 3

Dail Chaffin vs. William Nickum
PA � Ryan Scott, J � Bob Wortham
A Sabine Pass resident, whose home was damaged during Hurricane Rita, is suing his insurance agent for allegedly neglecting to inform him that his windstorm insurance had lapsed. Brent Coon & Associates lawyer Ryan Scott filed a deceptive trade practices lawsuit on Dail Chaffin's behalf against insurance agent William Nickum
Case No. A179-754

-Paul Pruitt vs. M&I Electric Industries Inc.
PA - H.P. Wright., J � Milton Shuffield
Paul Pruitt claims while working for M&I Electric Industries Inc. "he suffered a permanent injury to his back." Blaming his injury on the company's alleged negligence, Pruitt filed a personal injury lawsuit against M&I with the Jefferson County District Court on Aug. 3. Pruitt is suing for more than $50,000 in damages.
Case No. D179-755

Aug. 6

-Alton Adams vs. Pride Offshore Inc.
PA � Mark Lanier, J � Bob Wortham
Armed with the Jones Act, Alton Adams is suing his employer for forcing him to "be in an unsafe position." Adams was operating the ship's valves, which he claims were of a poor design, and hurt his back because the control devices were "sticking." In his suit, Adams claims the ship's valves were improperly maintained, causing them stick. Apparently, he over excreted himself while attempting to operate the "inoperable" valves. "Pride Offshore was negligent for�failing to provide a safe place to work." Adams also claims the ship's valves "were placed in the wrong location," making the ship unseaworthy, which is a requirement to sue under the Jones Act.
Case No. A179-757

-Kelly Doucet vs. Wal-Mart
PA � Steve Dallas Johnson, J � Milton Shuffield
A pair of Wal-Mart employees allegedly stood idly by and watched a bargain shopper slip and fall as she walked through a puddle of water while attempting to leave the mega store. Kelly Doucet claims Wal-Mart's employees "negligently permitted the floor to become wet and slippery," and that they never should have "allowed her to walk through" the puddle. She is suing the company for exemplary damages�and loss of household services.
Case No. D179-758

-Pete Gotcher vs. Linebarger, Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP, et al
PA � Gilbert T. Adams, J � Gary Sanderson
In the eyes of some home owners there seems to be a collection force worse than IRS: lawyers hired by burdened cities to gather delinquent property taxes. Representing Pete Gotcher, and all others similarly situated in the U.S., attorney Gilbert T. Adams filed a class-action lawsuit against the Linebarger, Goggan Blair & Sampson law firm, claiming the attorneys suspect collection methods violate the Texas Tax Code. The plaintiffs seek a return of the monies allegedly "illegally obtained," common law and statutory damages, exemplary damages, "and to achieve a formal declaration that such fees are not authorized," the suit said.
Case No. B179-762

-Jack Brumley (Ram Steel Constructors) vs. Mabry Acquisition Co. (Mabry Castings)
PA - David E. Bernsen, J � Milton Shuffield
In the case of Jack Brumley (Ram Steel Constructors) vs. Mabry Acquisition Co. (Mabry Castings), the contractor is crying foul, claiming Ram Steel rebuilt Mabry's Hurricane Rita ravaged properties but still has not received full payment. Although Mabry has already paid Ram Steel for four invoices, Ram Steel says it still hasn't received payment for two outstanding invoices, totaling $35, 823.42.
Case No. D179-764

Aug. 8

-Timothy LeBlanc vs. Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems
PA � Jonathan Juhan, J � Gary Sanderson
Timothy LeBlanc was injured while working on a forklift at the Port of Beaumont. He claims the machine's tire blew as a result of sloppy maintenance and is suing Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems. On Aug. 18, 2005, LeBlanc, a P.C. Pfeiffer employee, was at the port working as a mechanic. He was working with a forklift and encountered a problem with a tire. Wingfoot was called in to repair the tire but "failed to correctly replace rings which work to hold the tire securely in place, resulting in injuries and damages (to LeBlanc)," the suit said.
Case No. B179-772

-Eligah Jason Jr. vs. CenterPoint Energy Inc. et al
PA � Trent Bond, J � Bob Wortham
A Beaumont resident says he was falsely accused and arrested for sicing his dogs on a CenterPoint Energy employee who hopped his fence to retrieve a gas meter. Eligah Jason Jr. claims his arrest and the ordeal of having to be "booked into jail" caused him to suffer a great deal of "mental anguish." He is suing CenterPoint and its employee Kevin Calhoun for "loss of liberty."
Case No. A179-774

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