A hiring scout for Goodwill is suing the charity for refusing to hire and pay him for the "suitable persons" he found to work.

Harold Smith filed suit against Goodwill Industries of Southeast Texas, Inc. in the Orange County District Court on Nov. 20.

According to Smith's petition, sometime in October 2006 he and Goodwill entered "into a valid and enforceable oral contract." The parties agreed Smith would find 32 suitable persons for Goodwill to employ. They also agreed Smith would locate places for Goodwill to rent as "drop-off locations."

"Plaintiff worked diligently and found suitable persons for defendant to hire," the suit said. "Defendant was contractually obligated to plaintiff to employ such persons. Defendant refused to employ any of these persons…and refused to pay plaintiff as agreed."

The suit continues by alleging that Smith found three "drop-off locations" for Goodwill, but the charity also refused to pay him for the locations he found and reimburse him for his mileage expenses.

Smith is suing for the amount of money that he was allegedly to be paid for finding "suitable" employees and drop-off locations.

"This plaintiff should be compensated pursuant to the doctrine of quantum meruit in and amount within the jurisdictional limits of the court," the suit said, adding that Goodwill breached its contract with Smith when it refused to pay him.

Smith is represented by George Barron, Attorney at Law.

Case has been assigned to the 163rd Judicial District.

Case No. B-070653-C

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