April 3

  • Andy Guillory vs. city of Orange

    PA � Cory Itkin, J � Pat Clark

    Many citizens love to complain that traffic cops very rarely follow the rules they themselves are tasked to enforce. So when an Orange police officer ran a stop sign and hit Andy Guillory, Guillory jumped at the chance to sue the city.

    Guillory is suing for past and future mental anguish, lost earnings, medical expenses and pain.

    Case No. A-080136-c

    April 4

  • Stan Floyd vs. ExxonMobil Corp. et al

    PA - Sandee Hart, J � Dennis Powell

    A Southeast Texas business man is alleging ExxonMobil Corp. contaminated his property by allowing diesel fuel to seep into the soil and ground water. Stan Floyd filed suit against ExxonMobil, Petroleum Wholesale and Sunmart, claiming the defendant negligently failed to maintain fuel tanks at Sunmart No. 363.

    He is suing for actual damages, medical expenses, discomfort and the loss of enjoyment of his property.

    Case No. B-080137-c

    April 11

  • Dustin and Rachel Gonzalez vs. Legacy Housing, LTD. et al

    PA - Russell W. Heald, J � Pat Clark

    Dustin and Rachel Gonzalez have filed suit against Legacy Housing LTD., claiming the company brought them a Wind Zone Category 1 mobile home when they purchased a Wind Zone 2 home.

    The Gonzalezes are suing for actual, consequential and economic damages and mental anguish, plus all court costs.

    Case No. A-080148-c

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