Most mothers tell their children to look both ways. Perhaps one of the few kids who never received the alerting advice, a Beaumont woman is alleging it was Target's duty to "warn" her to watch out for "incoming shopping carts."

Two years ago, Deborah Parker claims she was struck from behind by a row of shopping carts in front of the West End Target while getting her own cart.

Seeking monetary compensation for her mental anguish and physical injuries, Parker filed suit against Target on May 30 in the Jefferson County District Court.

In her suit, Parker says she paid a visit to the Beaumont target on May 30, 2006. Parker was busy getting a shopping cart when she was struck in the back by a row of shopping carts being corralled by a Target employee.

The employee was operating a device designed to push the shopping carts from the parking lot into the cart holding area in the front of the store.

"Target … negligently failed to warn customers, like Parker, of the dangerous condition … of restocking the shopping cart holding area," the suit says.

"Target failed to warn customers of the hazard of incoming shopping carts. Target's failure to use reasonable care proximately caused Parker's injuries."

Parker is requesting a trial by jury and is represented attorney Charlton Hornsby.

The case has been assigned to Judge Bob Wortham, 60th Judicial District.

Case No. A181-834

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