June 18

  • Krystal Cosby vs. Texas Workforce Commission

    PA – Wyatt Snider, J – Donald Floyd

    After the Texas Workforce Commission "erroneously" ruled Krystal Cosby was not benefits eligible following her termination for misconduct, she promptly filed suit against TWC and Victoria's Secret Stores.

    In addition to unemployment benefits, Cosby is suing for court costs and attorneys' fee.

    Case No. E181-932

    June 19

  • Joe Guillory Sr. vs. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London

    PA – Carl Parker, J – Bob Wortham

    In May of 2007, one of the plaintiff's business trucks lost air conditioning and the load of lettuce the truck was hauling spoiled. In August 2007, the AC broke down again and this time around a load of grapes was ruined.

    The plaintiff alleges his insurance company should reimburse him for his losses and is suing Lloyd's for actual and consequential damages, plus attorneys' fees.

    Case No. A181-933

  • Graig Stowe vs. Van Deventer Furniture Rentals Inc. et al

    PA – Jeff Crawford, J – Milton Shuffield

    The plaintiff is suing Van Deventer and one of its truck drivers, Edgar Garcia, for causing an automobile collision on June 28, 2006. The plaintiff was parked on the 3500 block of Blanchette when his vehicle was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Garcia and owned by Van Deventer.

    The plaintiff is alleging the defendant negligently failed to keep a proper lookout and is suing for past and future mental anguish, lost earnings, impairment and medical expenses.

    Case No. D181-934

  • Elray Conn et al vs. A.O. Smith Corp. et al

    PA – Bryan Blevins, J – Bob Wortham

    Helen Conn has filed suit against A.O. Smith Corp. and 27 other companies, claiming the defendants purposely exposed Elray Conn to asbestos.

    Claiming the defendants acted with malice, Helen is suing for exemplary damages. She is also suing for Elray's past and future mental anguish, medical expenses and lost wages.

    Case No. A181-940

    June 20

  • Margarita Torres vs. American Home Assurance Co. et al

    PA – Michael Sprain, J – Milton Shuffield

    Margarita Torres is representing her late husband's estate (Eddy Torres) and her children in a suit against American Home Assurance, Gallagher Bassett Services and Amy Marecle.

    She claims the defendants wrongfully denied worker's compensation death benefits when her husband died after being injured in a car accident on June 22, 2006.

    Torres claims the defendants failed to perform a reasonable investigation and wrongly denied her benefits. She is suing for actual and punitive damages.

    Case No. D181-941

  • Donna Lewis et al vs. Dalton Joseph Adams

    PA – Donna Lewis, J – Bob Wortham

    Acting as her minor daughter's attorney and next of friend, Lewis has filed suit against Adams for an automobile collision that occurred on Jan. 25, 2008.

    A settlement of $25,000 is in the works and needs court approval.

    Case No. A181-943

  • Jerry Martin vs. Able Supply Co.

    PA – Tina Bradley, J – Gary Sanderson

    Brent Coon & Associates attorney Tina Bradley has filed an asbestos suit against 14 companies, alleging companies like Union Carbide acted with tortious indifference by exposing her client to the hazardous mineral. The suit was filed on behalf of Jerry Martin and his wife Barbara.

    Some of the defendants include Able Supply Co., Freeman Hardware and Pump Co. and Garlock Inc. The plaintiffs are seeking exemplary damages.

    The suit goes on to say Defendant Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. was also negligent in failing to convey as well as actively suppressing information regarding the dangers of asbestos.

    Case No. B181-944

    June 23

  • Joshua Conley et al vs. Phillip Griffin et al

    PA – Keith Fletcher, J – Donald Floyd

    A father has filed suit against three individuals for running over his young son.

    On Oct. 31, 2006, 4-year-old Jonathan Conley was run over by a trailer being towed by Phillip Griffin. The child's father, Joshua Conley, alleges Kimberly Erwin, who was acting as a spotter, negligently failed to stop the incident.

    In addition to exemplary damages, Joshua Conley is suing for his son's past and future mental anguish, lost wages, medical expenses, impairment and disfigurement, plus actual damages and all court costs.

    Case No. E181-948

  • Melissa Dwyer et al vs. The Dixie Dance Hall et al

    PA – John Morgan, J – Bob Wortham

    Seeking monetary compensation after their daughter was killed while driving drunk, the parents of Megan Watkins have filed suit against the establishment who sold their daughter alcoholic beverages, the tow truck driver she hit head on and her insurance company.

    Melissa Dwyer and Jerome Watkins filed their suit against The Dixie Dance Hall, Travis Darby, Independent Specialty Towing (Darby's employer) and Allstate Insurance Co.

    The late Watkins' parents also requested a Temporary restraining order prohibiting the defendants from tampering with evidence. Judge Bob Wortham approved the TRO on the same day the suit was filed.

    The plaintiffs are suing for survival and punitive damages.

    Case No. A181-952

  • Wendy Carbone vs. Brandon Barnhart et al

    PA – Hart Green, J – Gary Sanderson

    Claiming she was sold a home with a faulty foundation, Wendy Carbone is suing the person who sold her the home, Christopher Plaunty, and the person who owned the home before her, Brandon Barnhart.

    The five count suit accuses the defendants of breach of contract, breach of warranties, Texas Deceptive Trade Practice Act violations, fraud and fraudulent concealment.

    Carbone is suing for actual and consequential damages, plus attorneys' fees.

    Case No. B181-953

    June 24

  • Ronald Darby et al vs. Allstate Texas Lloyds Co. et al

    PA – Steve Mostyn, J – Bob Wortham

    The plaintiffs are suing Allstate and several claims adjusters for allegedly refusing to pay at least a portion of their Hurricane Rita claim.

    The plaintiffs allege the defendants failed to honor their contractual obligations and perform a reasonable investigation. They further allege they violated the Texas Insurance Code and DTPA.

    The plaintiffs are suing for actual and economic damages, plus attorneys' fees.

    Case No. A181-957

    June 25

  • Edgar Taylor vs. Amoco Shipping

    PA – Colin Moore, J – Milton Shuffield

    Former Seaman Edgar Taylor has filed a Jones Act asbestos suit against Amoco Shipping, whom he worked for in the 1940s.

    Taylor is suing for mental anguish and medical expenses, plus attorneys' fees.

    Case No. D181-960

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