Local attorney Clay Dugas has filed a petition to investigate a possible claim against The Meadows of Orange and Renaissance Hospitals.

The petition was filed on behalf of Brad Frye, who is representing the estate of Adelle Frye, in Jefferson County District Court on Aug. 20.

Dugas is seeking to obtain Adelle's medical records for possible legal action against the two medical facilities for alleged negligence.

According to court papers, Adelle Frye was a resident at Meadows Nursing & Rehabilitation on June 18, 2008, "when evidence of redness and swelling to her arm was noted."

"On June 20, 2008, she was transported to Renaissance Hospital, where it was determined that she had a broken femur and broken arm," the suit says.

"She subsequently died on June 26, 2008. The Custodians of Records of the Meadows and Renaissance, whose testimony is sought, have knowledge of the matters relevant to Adelle Frye's medical treatment, death and damages."

The case has been assigned to Judge Gary Sanderson of the 60th Judicial District.

Case No. B182-253

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