ORANGE -- Shortly after being fired by Signal International of Texas, Jennifer Scarborough filed suit against the company, claiming she was sexually harassed and discriminated against.

The suit was filed Aug. 25 in Orange County District Court.

Court papers show Scarborough began working for Signal's Orange office in July 2007. During her training, her supervisor, Lewis Harkey, allegedly began calling Scarborough's trainer, a woman, her girlfriend.

When her training was finished, Scarborough allegedly returned to a hostile male environment and was exposed to offensive imagery.

"Mr. Harkey had a picture of a Playboy Bunny with exposed breasts on his monitor screen," the suit says. "Plaintiff asked that he … close the screen."

Harkey allegedly refused and displayed even more of the pornographic image.

The suit goes on to allege Harkey degraded Scarborough's appearance, refused to provide her with assistance on projects, started false rumors about her and purposefully alienated her from the rest of the staff.

When she submitted a complaint, Scarborough was fired, despite receiving an excellent work review, court papers say. The suit does not say when she was fired.

"Plaintiff has been the victim of gender discrimination, disparate treatment, a hostile work environment, retaliation and wrongful termination, in violation of the … Civil Rights Act of 1964," the suit says.

Scarborough is suing for punitive and compensatory damages, plus mental anguish and court costs.

She is represented by John Morgan, a partner in the Lindsay & Morgan law firm.

The case has been assigned to Judge Dennis Powell of the 163rd Judicial District.

Case No. B-080329-c

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