ELECTION DAY UPDATE (11 p.m.) -- Democrats, Republicans gather at popular hang outs to watch election coverage

By David Yates | Nov 4, 2008

Democrats gathered at the Neches Room at Crockett Street erupted and chanted "Obama" once the presidential nominee captured California around 10 p.m.

"(Electing) an African American president (Barrack Obama) is a milestone event," said Randall Hubbard after news outlets called the election. "As a black man I am very proud right now. I will be walking 15 inches taller from now on."

Hubbard told the Record that Obama's presumed victory has made him realize he needs to be more accountable to his community and children, adding Obama's presidency will be one of healing.

"The people are fed up with racial injustices � Obama will pull the entire nation together," Hubbard said. "The rich shouldn't get all the breaks."

Kate Rebards, a young white woman in attendance at the event, echoed Hubbard's sentiment, telling the Record that there is lots of racial injustice in America and Obama will "bring change and bridge the gaps."

However, in the West End of Beaumont, people were not so optimistic.

Republicans watching election coverage at Madison's seemed somber once they realized their party would suffer major losses across the board.

One West Ender said he was fearful America's enemies would test the nation's "inexperienced president."

The man was also said he was happy Republicans were doing well and in Texas and that it is vital the state's Supreme Court remain conservative.

"It's too bad the rest of the U.S. doesn't think like Texas," he said.

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