A Jefferson County homeowner is seeking a default judgment against an individual who assessed his property.

According to a lawsuit filed Aug. 5, plaintiff Gene Dombrowski claims he paid extra taxes after assessor Richard Marquis increased the square footage of his home even though the home's size remained the same.

Last month, Dombrowski filed a motion for summary judgment, asserting Marquis has failed to respond to his allegations.

A hearing on the matter was slated to be held on Nov. 15 in Judge Milton Shuffield's 136th District Court, but the hearing was reset because the plaintiff needed to change the wording in the proposed judgment, a court official told the Southeast Texas Record.

In his suit, Dombrowski claims Marquis originally appraised his property at a certain square footage. A few years later, Marquis assigned a differing square footage to the same property.

"The appraisal value is calculated using the square footage," the suit states. "The house did not change in size. The error in square footage resulted in a financial loss to Plaintiff."

Dombrowski claims the defendants violated the Texas Business and Commerce Code and is suing for actual and consequential damages.

Anthony Malley III of Moore Landrey in Beaumont represents him.

Case No. D187-491

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