An Orange couple is petitioning a local judge to grant them a new trial and nullify a $98,000 verdict won by the Lewis Law Firm in October.

As the Southeast Texas Record previously reported, a Jefferson County jury found in favor of the Beaumont firm, concluding that plaintiffs John and Cassie Neves failed to pay the firm for legal services rendered.

On Nov. 30 the couple filed a motion for a new trial, asserting that the evidence shows they already paid the firm $30,000 and one of the jurors had inappropriate contact with the plaintiff and his attorney.

The motion also contends not all the evidence that should have been admitted was admitted.

The Lewis Law firm filed a response on Dec. 12 arguing the jury verdict was just and fair.

Court records show the Lewis Law Firm represented the Beaumont couple in 2005. The Neveses, who own a used car dealership, hired the firm after a buyer refused to make payments on a vehicle.

The Lewis Law Firm filed suit against its past clients that in December, alleging the Neveses owed $45,767 in attorney's fees.

Jurors found the Neveses failed to honor their agreement with the firm, awarding $43,667.70 in legal services and fees rendered.

Jurors also awarded the firm $4,800 in consequential damages, $25,000 for trial preparation and additional $25,000 if the Neveses decide to appeal.

The Neveses are represented by China attorney Allison Heider.

The Lewis law firm is represented by Beaumont attorney John Morgan.

Case No. A185-542

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