Litigation brought by Jefferson County corrections officers, who claim they were not paid for hours worked during Hurricane Ike, was dismissed with prejudice.

As previously reported, Jefferson County Association of Deputy Sheriffs and Corrections Officers and Jeffrey T. Bingham filed a lawsuit Jan. 27 in Jefferson County District Court against Jefferson County.

On Aug. 4 the plaintiffs filed a notice of nonsuit, asking the court to dismiss their claims with prejudice.

Court records show that Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd District Court, granted the request four days later.

The association and Bingham claimed no corrections officers were paid for more than 16 hours, even though many were required to remain at the Jefferson County Courthouse for longer periods of time during Hurricane Ike.

The county filed a counterclaim against the plaintiffs on June 9, arguing that the litigation is subject to a binding arbitration award issued a year after the hurricane struck, court papers say.

In its suit, the association claimed it should receive liquidated damages of at least $250,000 because of the substantial delay before the officers received pay.

Mitch Adams of Beaumont represented them.

Assistant District Attorney Tom Rugg represented the county.

Case No. E189-265

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