Letter: Benefits to Texas evident on anniversary of Prop. 12

By The SE Texas Record | Sep 12, 2011

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Tuesday, Sept. 13, marks the anniversary of the passage of Proposition 12, and it is important to note how far our state has come in the last eight years.

Prior to 2003, Texas was a haven for abusive lawsuits, particularly those in the health care industry. Our state was widely recognized as a place where personal injury lawyers could win big, often with the flimsiest of evidence. Smart reforms, like Prop 12, injected a healthy dose of common-sense and fairness into our courts and helped move us to a system based on justice, not greed.

Today, Texans are benefitting from these changes. We are keeping doctors in the exam room, and out of the courthouse; hospitals are re-investing liability savings into patient care and patient safety programs; and we are seeing an increase in doctors practicing in needed but high-risk specialties.

These changes are good for Texas patients, physicians and hospitals. We must remain vigilant against any efforts to undue or tarnish these reforms that have worked so well in Texas.


Court Koenning
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse-Houston

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