Letter to the Editor: In response to 'Plaintiffs attorneys are plundering our rainy-day fund'

By The SE Texas Record | Nov 8, 2012

Dear Editor: 

I am writing in response to your editorial “Plaintiffs attorneys are plundering our rainy-day fund.”

You reference movies and fiction.  Let me add a dose of reality to your opinion.  History also reminds us of those in power that wined and dined as the masses starved.  Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette soon met their fate as a result. The greed rests squarely with TWIA.  They systematically denied rightful claims, low-balled estimates, and generally deceived their trusting policyholders.  These are the same Policyholders that paid their premiums faithfully.

Rather than pay claims as outlined in policies, rather than conduct business in a fair and equitable manner, TWIA set out to defraud victims of Ike.  Thousands of Hurricane Ike victims’ lives were in complete chaos as they battled TWIA to provide equitable and fair relief.   It was a true David vs. Goliath moment.  Who championed the cause of the victims? Our elected officials? No.  Larry Taylor? No. Insurance company managers/adjusters? No. It was the plaintiff’s attorney - the Steve Mostyn’s.

Through legal means and great expense, Mostyn revealed to all just how corrupt TWIA is.  If TWIA had operated in an honest manner, Mostyn would have made nothing because his services would not have been required.

So I must ask, why is your view so anti-coastal resident?  Do they not deserve justice?  Do they not deserve to have their homes and lives restored from the devastation of Ike?  Did you champion their cause? Should not your question be focused on why it took $600 million in legal action before TWIA honored legally binding contracts? What would have become of the thousands of coastal residents if it had not been for Steve Mostyn?  Who would have revealed the deceit within TWIA?  You?

Monte Osburn

1 of thousands of Hurricane Ike victims

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