Austin cyclist Lance Armstrong wanted to stop a review that could make him give back $12 million in bonuses he received after winning the Tour de France, but a Texas judge denied his request.

Judge Tonya Parker will allow an arbitration panel to revisit a 2006 agreement with SCA Promotions that paid him close to $12 million in prize money for winning three Tours de France.

SCA Promotions, a Dallas-based promotional and sports insurance company wants to collect $15 million in prize money and attorneys’ fees.

The judge’s ruling will allow a March 17 arbitration hearing to continue.

Armstrong admitted doping to Oprah Winfrey in January 2013, and SCA sued for its money one month later.

SCA Promotions filed a lawsuit against Armstrong after he admitted to doping. He has been stripped of all seven Tour de France victories and received a lifetime ban from the sport.

SCA's lawsuit quotes Armstrong's repeated denials in sworn testimony, arguing that Armstrong "lied at every step of the way," making it necessary for the panel to review the settlement.

Armstrong's attorneys claimed that the panel no longer had authority to review the settlement once it was signed, even if SCA could demonstrate that Armstrong lied under oath.

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