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Banks wants to foreclose on Nederland property

A bank is seeking foreclosure on a Nederland residential property.

Kingwood man claims tooth cracked eating po-boy, sues restaurant

A Galveston restaurant is being sued after a customer claims he was injured when he bit into a sandwich. 

Texas City ISD sued after school bus accident

A lawsuit has been filed against a local school district on behalf of a minor injured in a school bus collision.

Vehicle collision results in lawsuit

An Alabama resident is sued after allegedly causing an automobile collision.

Harborside Collision sued on fraud allegations

An insurance company is suing a Galveston company, alleging fraud and conversion.

Diagnostic center sues seller of medical imaging equipment

A company is suing, seeking to have a sales contract voided.

Woman sues after car crash

A woman is suing claiming she was injured in a car crash.

Rear-end collision results in lawsuit

A family is suing after they were allegedly victims in a rear-end collision. 

EEOC sues Nick’s for alleged ADA violations

A Houston restaurant is being sued over claims of violating the of Americans with Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Act. 

Our View: You judge the judges

If you paid attention during your 12 or more years in school and have taken any interest since in world affairs, you know that tyrannical governments have predominated throughout history and still are too prevalent across the globe today. 

Recent patent infringement cases filed in the Eastern District of Texas


Family seeks $1M after barge worker dies from suffocation

The family of a barge worker is suing a company after a man suffocated while working on a barge that was charged with nitrogen.

Towing company sues former bookkeeper for alleged embezzlement

A business is suing its former bookkeeping for fraud on allegations she embezzled from the company.

Two sue driver after sustaining injuries in collision

Two people are suing the driver of a car after they were injured in a vehicle collision.

Car accident results in lawsuit for Jefferson County driver

A Jefferson County woman is suing over injuries which were allegedly caused by a car accident in 2012. 

Port Arthur man sues two others for negligent driving, negligent entrustment

A Port Arthur man is suing another driver over a January auto collision.

Jefferson County man rear-ended by another driver, files suit

A Jefferson County man is suing another driver after allegedly being rear-ended in May.

League City sues event planner for failing to return seed money

The town of League City is suing a Houston resident, urging her to return seed money the city provided to carry out special events. 

HEB Grocery sued after woman injured on premises

A Galveston County woman is suing over claims she was injured on the premises of a grocery store.

Man seeks $1M from Minerva Marine over slip and fall

A man is suing after he slipped while aboard a vessel.