A personal injury suit against Entergy Texas has been slated for a September trial.

Plaintiffs Adam and Ashley Mason filed suit against Entergy Texas in Jefferson County District Court, alleging the company’s negligence caused Adam to be shocked while working on a utility pole.

An amended docket control order in the case was filed Jan. 26, stating that case be mediated before Aug. 5 or face a trial in the month of September, court records show.

Court records further show Entergy had hired Osmose to inspect and restore various utility poles. Adam was part of Osmose’s crew. While inspecting a poll, a live electrical wire broke loose and made contact with him.

On Oct. 21 Entergy filed a motion for leave to designate responsible third party, contending it is not liable for the injury and that Osmose “clearly had a duty to ensure that its employees” were properly equipped and qualified.

A month later, on Nov. 19, Judge Kent Walston, 58th District Court, granted the motion, court records show.

Pursuant to a contract between the companies, Osmose was responsible for the inspection of each utility poll it was working on and was specifically responsible to ensure that there were no loose objects on the utility poll that could fall and cause injury.

Entergy is represented by the Houston law firm J. Diamond and Associates.

Case No. A-196464

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