Hail storm chasers and lawsuits

By Jennifer Harris | May 10, 2016

Dear Editor:

The Texas hailstorm season has brought with it more than just devastating weather to the state. From the Rio Grande Valley to Central, East and North Texas, destructive storms have wreaked havoc on residents’ homes, cars and other possessions currently estimated at $1.3 billion in damages in 2016, and this total is expected to climb according to Insurance Journal.


And with such a large sum of money on the table, trial lawyers have begun a new practice of “storm chasing” after major hailstorms in an effort to increase their profits. By manipulating current laws, these storm-chasing trial lawyers are lining their pockets at the expense of everyday Texans by posing as “intermediaries” offering to work on their behalf.

And unfortunately, this explosion of lawsuits generated by storm-chasing trial lawyers is having ramifications across the state, driving up costs and driving away coverage, hurting homeowners and businesses alike.

For instance, after a pair of Hidalgo County hailstorms in 2012, their abusive tactics caused 10,000 homeowners to lose their property insurance coverage and have driven businesses out of South Texas.

If allowed to continue, the unethical and malicious practices leading to a spike in storm-related lawsuits will further hurt homeowners and local Texas businesses.

It’s important for property owners to be prepared both before and after the storms by recognizing whose really working with your best interest – not their pocketbooks – in mind.


Jennifer Harris

Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

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