July 1

Pherah, LLC v. Appterra, Inc. 6:16-cv-00978

Pherah, LLC v. VersionOne, Inc. 6:16-cv-00979

Pherah, LLC v. Sopheon Corporation 6:16-cv-00981

Pherah, LLC v. Intaact Corporation 6:16-cv-00982

Pherah, LLC v. CYMA Systems, Inc. 6:16-cv-00983

The plaintiff Pherah is based in Plano.

It asserts ownership of United States Patent Number RE44,652, having pursued legal action in response to what it claims is infringement.

Per court documents, the ‘652 patent, entitled “Computer-Readable Data Product for Managing Sales Information,” was issued on Dec. 17, 2013.

The patent in question provides “[a] non-transitory computer program product readable by a computing system and encoding a set of computer instructions implementing a method for managing product knowledge comprising a plurality of data items related to products offered for sale by a selling entity, the computing system including a memory arrangement and at least one processing unit.”

Pherah consequently seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Attorney Papool S. Chaudhari of the law firm Chaudhari Law, PLLC in Wylie is representing the complainant.

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