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Trump admin makes use of Medicare law in blunt warning to asbestos lawyers

By Daniel Fisher | Sep 19, 2018

In the Trump administration, at least, the government will no longer look the other way as asbestos lawyers negotiate lenient terms that make it easy for their current clients to get money at the expense of future claimants and federal entitlement programs.

Boat full of Harvey rescuers heaved into energized power line, Entergy sued for $1M

By David Yates | Sep 19, 2018

BEAUMONT – Two men performing rescue operations following Hurricane Harvey became in need of rescuing when their boat was forced into an energized power line.

Motiva’s motion for summary judgment denied in fire injury suit

By David Yates | Sep 18, 2018

BEAUMONT – Following a Sept. 17 hearing, Motiva Enterprises had its motion for summary judgment denied in a suit brought over injuries suffered after a fire erupted at its Port Arthur facility.

JC slip & fall plaintiff seeks final judgment on $115K verdict

By David Yates | Sep 17, 2018

BEAUMONT – Earlier this month, a Jefferson County jury awarded a slip and fall plaintiff more than $115,000 in damages. On Sept. 13, she filed a motion for entry of final judgment on the verdict.

JC jury delivers $44M verdict for fatal workplace accident at ExxonMobil refinery

By David Yates | Sep 17, 2018

BEAUMONT – A Jefferson County has returned a$44 million verdict for a workplace accident at the ExxonMobil refinery that resulted in multiple injuries and the death of a worker.

From Legal Newsline

Want to know what opioid lawyers are up to in Texas? It costs thousands to find out

By Daniel Fisher | Sep 14, 2018

Some Texas counties are demanding tens of thousands of dollars to comply with open-records requests for documents detailing the time and expenses private attorneys have racked up so far representing them in opioid litigation.

15 years on, Proposition 12 continues to expand health care options across Texas, say tort reform groups

By David Yates | Sep 13, 2018

AUSTIN — As Texas marks the 15th anniversary of voter approval of a landmark medical liability reform, the state continues to see dramatic improvement in access to health care.

Justices find Jefferson County immune from asbestos suit, widow of former judge brought action

By David Yates | Sep 11, 2018

HOUSTON – Over the decades, the Jefferson County courthouse has received thousands of asbestos lawsuits but has rarely been named as a defendant in one of those cases.

Final award levied against Cowboy Motorsports in wrongful termination suit, plaintiff’s attorney says company refusing to pay

By David Yates | Sep 11, 2018

BEAUMONT — In mid August, an arbitrator handed down a final award in an unlawful employment practices lawsuit. Nearly a month later, the attorney for the plaintiff says the defendant is refusing to pay.

One year later, landmark hailstorm lawsuit reforms shows lasting results, say tort reform groups

By David Yates | Sep 11, 2018

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse groups stood on front lines advocating reform

Former basketball coach claims she was sexually harassed at East Texas college

By John Suayan | Sep 11, 2018

LUFKIN – The former head women’s basketball coach of a historically black liberal arts college in East Texas asserts the school terminated her after she pushed back against hostile work environment.

State of Texas loses $19 million appeal in easement case

By Asia Mayfield | Sep 11, 2018

HOUSTON – The state of Texas’ attempt to appeal a $19 million jury verdict in a property condemnation damage case was unsuccessful.

Final judgment of nearly $1.4M entered in JC auto collision lawsuit

By David Yates | Sep 10, 2018

BEAUMONT – A final judgment of nearly $1.4 million has been entered a week following the trial of an automobile collision lawsuit.

Legally blind man sues Walgreens for erroneously giving him Viagra

By John Suayan | Sep 10, 2018

HOUSTON – A state district lawsuit accuses a pharmacy store chain of erroneously giving a local man the wrong medication two years ago.

Texas Children’s Hospital cleared from slip & fall, deliveryman used ramp twice before slipping

By David Yates | Sep 7, 2018

HOUSTON - For the past decade, Bryon Jordan delivered bottled water to Texas Children’s Hospital, using the same wooden ramp each time.

Jury issues $10 million verdict against Chinese Android manufacturer in patent infringement case

By Asia Mayfield | Sep 7, 2018

MARSHALL – Two Plano-based companies were awarded more than $10 million in their suit against Chinese smartphone maker Huawei.

Game room shareholder hopes suit frees him from 'illegal' venture

By John Suayan | Sep 6, 2018

GALVESTON – Alleging his business partners lied to him about the purpose of their game rooms, Harris County resident Muhammad Zubair Safdar has pursued legal action.

Tort reform group releases data showing storm suit decline since passage of HB 1774

By David Yates | Sep 5, 2018

HOUSTON - One year has passed since the enactment of House Bill 1774, a piece of legislation designed to curb storm lawsuit abuse – and one tort reform group recently released data showing it has done just that.

Cisco Systems sued for sexual harassment, male ex-employee claims he was forced to show genitals for missing golf tee

By John Suayan | Sep 5, 2018

HOUSTON – A San Jose, Calif.-based technology company has been implicated in a Katy man’s sexual harassment lawsuit, recent Houston federal court records show.

Beaumont attorney John Morgan sanctioned for ‘vexatiously multiplying proceedings’ against Layne Walker

By David Yates | Sep 4, 2018

BEAUMONT – A federal judge has vindicated a former Jefferson County district judge, sanctioning a local attorney for “vexatiously multiplying” legal proceedings against him.

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