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Judge remands monopoly lawsuit against San Angelo Community Medical Center back to district court

By Amanda Thomas | Jun 4, 2018

AUSTIN – The case against San Angelo Community Medical Center (SACMC) will continue after an appeals court reversed a lower court’s order granting summary judgment in favor of medical center accused of creating a monopoly.

Patent suit against ZTE to continue after judge denies motion to dismiss

By Amanda Thomas | Jun 4, 2018

DALLAS – A patent infringement case against ZTE Corp. will continue after a federal judge denied the Chinese smartphone company’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by a Texas mobile software developer.

Gilstrap denies Huawei's motion to transfer patent case out of Texas to California

By Amanda Thomas | Jun 4, 2018

MARSHALL – A federal judge has ruled that a patent infringement lawsuit against Huawei USA Inc. will stay in Texas.

Cigna, Connecticut General Life, surgical centers reach settlement in overpayment suit

By Amanda Thomas | Jun 4, 2018

HOUSTON – A federal judge in Texas has dismissed an $8 million fraudulent billing case after three health care centers and two insurance companies agreed to a settlement.

ConocoPhillips wins contract dispute over drilling project

By Amanda Thomas | Jun 4, 2018

HOUSTON – ConocoPhillips Co. has won a contract dispute over a drilling project after a state appeals court found that a drop in oil prices isn’t a natural or man-made disaster.

Court affirms decision in a condemnation case in Seaway Crude Pipeline's favor

By Amanda Thomas | May 31, 2018

HOUSTON – An appeals court has affirmed a lower court’s judgment in a condemnation case that ruled in favor of Seaway Crude Pipeline Co.

Court: Unimex Logistics liable for cleanup, towing fees after tractor-trailer wreck

By Amanda Thomas | May 30, 2018

BEAUMONT – A appellate court has affirmed a lower court’s decision to hold Unimex Logistics LLC liable for the balance a towing company is owed for providing cargo and equipment involved in a spill that resulted from an accident involving a tractor-trailer.

Justices uphold dismissal of HEB discrimination suit filed by former employee

By Amanda Thomas | Mar 22, 2018

HOUSTON – A Texas appellate judge has affirmed the dismissal of a discrimination suit against grocery chain H.E. Butt (HEB) Grocery Co.

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