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U.S. Marshal Service summoned on Record reporter covering Chrysler bankruptcy proceeding

By Ann Knef | May 21, 2009

NEW YORK - U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Diana Adams of New York threatened to call a federal marshal after a reporter covering a Chrysler bankruptcy hearing Wednesday asked her for the identities of personal injury law firms represented on the unsecured creditors' committee.

'Life Without Lawyers' author says judges need to reclaim authority

By Ann Knef | Feb 12, 2009

Judges have a responsibility to all of society to make sure court claims are valid and reasonable -- that's their job, says author Philip K. Howard in his new book Life Without Lawyers.

Sheriff investigates missing Record newspapers

By Ann Knef | Mar 25, 2008

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department is investigating the potential theft of Southeast Texas Record newspapers following weeks of their suspicious disappearance.

Port Neches man trashes Record newspapers, vows to keep on unfilling racks

By Ann Knef | Mar 18, 2008

Snatching free copies of the Southeast Texas Record newspaper may not have gotten Jerry Little of Port Neches in trouble yet, but it could. It did for a University of Texas at Austin student in 1995 who pleaded guilty to stealing copies of the Daily Texan and served six months probation.

$54 million pants fund-raiser eases Chungs' legal pain

By Ann Knef | Jul 25, 2007

$54 million pants under guard WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The owners of a Washington, D.C. dry cleaning business got some relief at a legal defense fund-raiser Tuesday night as guests from around the country turned out to help their brethren.

Defense attorney taking on 'manufactured' class actions

By Ann Knef | Jun 28, 2007

Aronoff David Aronoff believes that if more defense attorneys would vigorously challenge the independence of class representatives there would be less manufactured litigation.

Test your counselor's knowledge with 'Stump Your Lawyer!'

By Ann Knef | Jun 22, 2007

Yogi Berra Which states have laws that limit ballpark owners' liability to fans hit by foul balls?

Floyd won't let plaintiff's lawyer grill reporters

By Ann Knef | May 1, 2007

Attorney Brent Coon Jefferson County District Judge Donald Floyd has ruled in favor of the Southeast Texas Record, denying plaintiff's attorney Brent Coon's demand to question its editor and reporter.

Coon asks court to force journalists to let him question them

By Ann Knef | Apr 23, 2007

Brent Coon has filed a motion for civil contempt against Southeast Texas Record editor Marilyn Tennissen and reporter David Yates for not appearing at a deposition last week.

Record reporters subpoenaed by Coon

By Ann Knef | Apr 16, 2007

Jefferson County District Judge Donald Floyd has allowed Beaumont plaintiff's attorney Brent Coon to depose staff members of the Southeast Texas Record.

DRC to hold mediation training in fall

By Ann Knef | Mar 29, 2007

The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) of Jefferson County is accepting applications for a mediation training program scheduled in the fall.

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