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Oil worker alleges Bowman's Oilfield Service failed to pay overtime

TYLER – A former employee is suing a Henderson oil services business, alleging unpaid overtime wages.

Driver seeks damages for alleged injuries in FM 14 accident

TYLER – A victim of a traffic accident is seeking damages for the injuries he allegedly suffered.

Workers seek compensation for allegedly unpaid overtime and wages

GAVLVESTON – Cleaners are taking their employers, Debusk Services, to court as they claim Debusk failed to pay them properly.

Former Cameron International recruiter claims the company failed to pay overtime

HOUSTON – An employee of an oil and gas service company is seeking the court’s help to recover allegedly unpaid overtime wages.

Attorney for the city of Beaumont discusses the lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice

The city of Beaumont is facing a lawsuit from a most peculiar source: The Department of Justice.