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9th District court denies appeal for woman who alleged marriage was voided

BEAUMONT – A Texas court has denied an appeal from a woman who claimed fraud, breach of contract and violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act after her marriage was found to be a farce.

Texas appeals court dismisses special appearances appeals

BEAUMONT — A Texas Court of Appeals recently dismissed an appeal in a products liability case.

Hospice companies agree to $12.2 million settlement in qui tam suits

DALLAS – Five hospice companies agreed to a $12.2 million settlement in whistle-blower cases that claimed they paid kickbacks in exchange for referrals.

Hospital asks Texas Supreme Court to clarify equal inference rule

AUSTIN – A Texas hospital has appealed a decision made by an appellate court to the Texas Supreme Court.

Attorney general files complaint against construction company that allegedly scammed consumers

AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office filed a lawsuit against a Texas construction company that allegedly cost consumers thousands of dollars in a home-building scam.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance billed for more $100 million in fraudulent claims, company alleges

DALLAS – UnitedHealthcare Insurance was used in a massive fraudulent billing scheme, the company claimed in a Texas court.

Dell wins patent infringement case filed by shell company

MARSHALL – Dell Inc. won in a patent case filed against it by Isis Connex LLC with Judge Rodney Gilstrap awarding it $355,000 in attorney's fees.

Texas landowners work with legislators to create eminent domain laws

AUSTIN – The Texans for Property Rights coalition has begun working with legislators to draft bills that would protect private property owners in Texas.

Texas judge grants preliminary injunction in gender definition change mandate

AUSTIN – A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction in a case against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) regarding a law that would require Texas insurance companies to allow coverage for gender reassignment and abortions.

Texas AFT president: Patrick 'waging a war on kids' with bathroom bill

AUSTIN – A new bill has been introduced to the Texas Legislature that would ban transgender students from using the bathroom of their choice in Texas schools.

Cameron agrees to drop non-compete lawsuit against former employee

HOUSTON - Cameron International Corporation has agreed to drop its non-compete case against FMC Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd employee Steven Abbiss.

Third verdict issued in Johnson & Johnson, DePuy cases

DALLAS -- Another verdict has been handed down in one of the cases against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics Inc.