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Abusive ‘Access’ Lawsuits Spread

By Sick of Lawsuits | Oct 19, 2016

A third bill has been introduced in Congress to reform the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the personal injury lawyers that exploit this federal law.

AAJ convention: Summer camp for trial lawyers looking to sue

By Sick of Lawsuits | Sep 1, 2016

This July, thousands of trial lawyers packed their briefcases, said goodbye to family and friends, and attended the American Association for Justice’s annual convention. Much like summer camp, these trial lawyers were fully immersed in courses and activities that taught them new skills. Unlike summer camp, they weren’t there to learn camping or sporting skills; they were learning how to generate more lawsuits.

Small businesses hit hard by lawsuit abuse

By Sick of Lawsuits | Aug 24, 2016

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NIFB), America’s leading small business association, small businesses in this country employ about half of private-sector employees, have generated 60 to 80 percent of net new jobs annually over the last decade, and create more than half of nonfarm private gross domestic product. Yet these businesses are increasingly targeted with frivolous lawsuits by plaintiff’s attorneys that use ev

Doctors concerned personal injury lawyer advertising bad for patients

By Sick of Lawsuits | Aug 3, 2016

The avalanche of personal injury lawyer advertising on TV, the internet, radio, billboards, bus stops and everywhere else isn’t just annoying. It’s potentially harmful to patients who are seeing fear-filled messages about their health treatments.

Hulkamania meets lawsuitmania and brings litigation finance industry into the ring

By Sick of Lawsuits | Jun 22, 2016

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan recently body slammed the celebrity news site Gawker in court for publicizing a private video featuring Hogan.

Unseemly and illegal asbestos client solicitation gets a day in court

By Sick of Lawsuits | Jun 1, 2016

Sometimes just desserts do get served. For over a year we’ve been reading about the greed-driven political corruption case involving former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Be on guard against solicitations to join a lawsuit

By Sick of Lawsuits | May 11, 2016

Like all businesses, personal injury lawyers need a product to sell and customers who will buy that product. In the case of personal injury lawyers, the product they are selling is lawsuits –and their customers are each and every one of us as their potential plaintiffs.

Fueling the personal injury lawsuit machine

By Sick of Lawsuits | Apr 21, 2016

Just as the way some iconic advertising campaigns might create among us a unique cultural bond, TV watchers and internet surfers today share a common experience.

Letting a lawyer pick your doctor: huge mistake

By Sick of Lawsuits | Feb 25, 2016

Personal injury lawyers are constantly innovating new ways to generate lawsuits to make money for themselves. Regardless of the specific tactic, you can be sure that it involves luring consumers in to act as their harmed plaintiffs.

A glimpse at the 2016 legislative landscape

By Sick of Lawsuits | Feb 18, 2016

By this time of year, many state legislators have moved pass gubernatorial addresses, commemorating those newly elected, and organizing for the legislative session.

Personal injury lawyers spend more in advertisements than Super Bowl advertisers

By Sick of Lawsuits | Feb 11, 2016

The Super Bowl is well-known as one of the greatest – and most expensive – opportunities to advertise to American consumers. This year, the game will attract the largest audience and the ads will cost the most in NFL history. Even at a cost of $4.5 million for just 30 seconds of airtime – an 11 percent increase over last year – NBC sold out its entire stock of Super Bowl ad slots.

Don't believe everything you read about arbitration

By Sick of Lawsuits | Nov 11, 2015

Recently, the New York Times posted a series of articles (Part I, II, III) attacking arbitration but overlooking the value of this alternate form of dispute resolution and omitting an excess of relevant details.

New survey: Lawsuit abuse discourages job growth

By Sick of Lawsuits | Oct 6, 2015

The Institute for Legal Reform recently released its 2015 Lawsuit Climate Survey, which ranks states based upon how fair their tort liability systems are.

The trial lawyer war on arbitration

By Sick of Lawsuits | Sep 9, 2015

Arbitration is an important alternative to litigation that empowers American consumers to resolve disputes quickly, often without hiring a lawyer.

U.S. litigation environment is a profound weakness

By Sick of Lawsuits | Aug 21, 2015

A recent column in Forbes called our litigation system and “the explosion of frivolous lawsuits” in our country “one of our economy’s most profound weaknesses.” The piece, which urges readers to support legislation or reform that seeks to put a stop to abusive litigation, argues that the fear of litigation in our country limits freedom, economic growth, and innovation.

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