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Feel free to quote from this editorial!

By Southeast Texas Record | Apr 26, 2016

If we ran an editorial on copyright infringement and that editorial subsequently appeared in another publication without our permission or without credit being given to the Southeast Texas Record, that would be grounds for a charge of copyright infringement or plagiarism.

Patent troll casts 60 new lines in April

By Southeast Texas Record | May 19, 2015

Method and apparatus for storing information wherein a user defines labels which relate to the stored information and the user defines a data structure, for example, a hierarchical structure, comprised of such labels and method and apparatus for retrieving the stored information wherein the user randomly accesses the information utilizing the labels and the structure.

Save the whales or seek a whale of a settlement

By Southeast Texas Record | May 5, 2015

In the movie Casablanca, Claude Rains plays Captain Renault, a corrupt Vichy police officer who must find a pretext for shutting down Rick's Cafe Americain.

Time's up, Brent!

By Southeast Texas Record | Apr 28, 2015

A deadline's a wonderful thing – both for the one setting it and for the one held to it.

A suit against the state can be a suit against the taxpayer

By Southeast Texas Record | Apr 21, 2015

When a fellow citizen has a legitimate beef against city or state government – say, a challenge to an abusive use of the power of eminent domain or the arbitrary action of a licensing board – it's easy to feel sympathetic and to support the effort to rectify an apparent injustice.

Kids shouldn't be allowed to double dip, and neither should adults

By Southeast Texas Record | Apr 13, 2015

Parents need to talk to each other, if only to stay ahead of their children.

Leonard Davis trolls for Fish & Richardson

By Southeast Texas Record | Apr 7, 2015

We suppose some sort of congratulations are in order for Leonard Davis, who recently landed a sweet job with Fish & Richardson.

Want to use our courts? Join the club!

By Southeast Texas Record | Mar 31, 2015

It's not an unreasonable expectation. Sam's Club, the YMCA, and the community pool all insist on it.

Paul Ferguson and the one that got away

By Southeast Texas Record | Mar 24, 2015

Every fisherman's got one, an incredible tale of an almost record catch: the humongous fish that he battled with a small rod or a light line or a baitless hook, that he reeled in, and nearly had netted or in the boat when, suddenly, it broke the line or shook the hook and got away.

Someone should hack Marc Stanley's 'vehicle'

By Southeast Texas Record | Mar 17, 2015

Does tanning lotion protect against sunburn? Maybe, but it can also give the user an exaggerated sense of security and encourage him to stay on the beach too long.

Is Patrick Racz a genuine inventor, or just another patent troll?

By Southeast Texas Record | Mar 3, 2015

Don't you hate it when someone takes credit for your idea before you've even had it?

Not wearing a seat belt may cost you more than a ticket

By Southeast Texas Record | Feb 24, 2015

If an injured football player did not have his helmet secured properly, can he still sue the sports equipment manufacturer – and diverse others – for damages? What about the skydiver and the bungee jumper and every other daredevil with a harness who ever gets hurt? Are they not responsible for securing themselves properly (assuming they're not novices)? Are claims they make against other parties for

Texas Democrats seek vengeance in court

By Southeast Texas Record | Feb 17, 2015

Texas may be a Republican state, but there are parts of Texas that aren't safe for Republicans. Travis County is one of them.

Before going to court, Kiri Martin should have slept on it

By Southeast Texas Record | Feb 9, 2015

"What's the point of having this superb military you're always talking about if we can't use it?"

'Loser Pays' has not deprived anyone of any rights

By Southeast Texas Record | Feb 2, 2015

Four years ago, the Houston Chronicle described our state's new loser-pays law as “an all-out assault on the ability of consumers and small business owners to seek legal redress.”

Our View: Have your pizza delivered for just $500!

By Southeast Texas Record | Jan 26, 2015

If you order two or more items, you can get a medium two-topping pizza, eight pieces of chicken, an oven-baked sandwich, pasta, and/or stuffed cheesy bread for just $5.99 each from any participating Domino's. A large, 14-inch pizza will only set you back 12 bucks. 

Our View: Assessing 'loser pays'

By Southeast Texas Record | Jan 20, 2015

The “loser pays” bill that the Texas Legislature passed and then-Gov. Rick Perry signed into law four years ago allows winning parties to recover litigation costs in dismissed cases without contractual agreements for attorneys’ fees.

Judge Shuffield does the right thing, finally

By Southeast Texas Record | Jan 12, 2015

One can applaud the decision of 136th District Court Judge Milton Shuffield to set aside a ridiculous million-dollar exemplary damages award against National Security Fire & Casualty and still wonder why he didn't do so sooner.

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