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Texas to receive 2.8 million in nationwide settlement with Hyundai, Kia

By Tara Mapes | Nov 15, 2016

AUSTIN— Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Oct. 27 his office's Consumer Protection Division (CPD) obtained $2.8 million for the state as part of a $41.2 million multistate settlement with automakers Hyundai and Kia.

Justices hear oral arguments on red light camera class-action suit

By Tara Mapes | Nov 11, 2016

BEAUMONT -- The Ninth Court of Appeals heard oral arguments Oct. 27, regarding the city of Willis' red light camera ordinance.

Weather in first half of 2016 causes $4 billion in storm damages

By Tara Mapes | Oct 13, 2016

AUSTIN – Devastating softball-sized hailstorms and widespread flooding have many insurance firms hoping the weather calms down, at least for the rest of the year.

Attorney General Paxton reaches $1.175 million settlement with Katz Boutique for selling synthetic marijuana

By Tara Mapes | Sep 13, 2016

Attorney General Paxton settles its first lawsuit against the Harris County Shops for selling synthetic marijuana. After increased reports of overdoses on the illegal drugs in Texas, the Office of Attorney General teamed up with narcotics investigators on cases resulting in a total of ten lawsuits filed against Harris County shops.

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