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Ferguson Law named one of “10 Best Law Firms”

BEAUMONT – The awards continue to accumulate for The Ferguson Law Firm, with the firm being named as one of 2017’s “10 Best Law Firms” by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.

Attorney loses disbarment appeal in the Texas Supreme Court

AUSTIN: On Oct. 20 the Texas Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the Board of Disciplinary Appeals in the case of Ikechukwu Nweze, an attorney who was disbarred after faking an automobile accident and fabricating medical bills.

Patrick on Harvey: 'Harvey came and we took it'

GALVESTON – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick went back nearly 180 years in the state’s history to find a suitable comparison to the community spirit shown by residents in Hurricane Harvey’s crosshairs last month.

Court rules texas counties can move with lawsuits against Volkswagen after state's is resolved

AUSTIN – The 3rd Court of Appeals at Austin passed down two separate decisions relating to Volkswagen clean diesel litigation.

Critics say Gov. Abbott stopped local control of industries to accommodate special interests

AUSTIN – Gov. Greg Abbott's latest decision to discontinue local government control of property development and construction industries has resulted in critics expressing that he is kneeling to special interests.

Texas AG obtains $25M in illegal debt colleting suit, Houston attorney was a defendant

AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently obtained a final judgment and permanent injunction against Samara Portfolio Management and the Law Office of Joseph Onwuteaka for violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices—Consumer Protection Act, Texas Debt Collection Act and the Identity Theft Protection and Enforcement Act.

NFIB Texas applauds efforts to end government union partnership

AUSTIN – The National Federation of Independent Business/Texas, the state’s leading small business association, applauds efforts of Texas lawmakers to end the practice of the state and local government collecting dues from public employees on behalf of national labor unions.

State water code amendment: Another step in the right direction

Greg Abbott promised he would stick to the winning, pro-business ways of his predecessor, Rick Perry – embracing the same threefold goal of “lower taxes, less regulation, and more job creation” – and that's what he's doing.

RealPage says S.B. 873 eliminates incentives fueling abusive lawsuits against apartment owners

AUSTIN – Earlier this month, Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 873 into law, modifying the Texas water code to benefit apartment owners, operators and their residents, according to RealPage, a provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry.

3-D Mammography bill heads to Abbott’s Desk

AUSTIN – On May 28, Texas House Bill 1036 was passed in the Texas Senate on May 28 with very strong support. The bill now heads to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for signature before becoming law. Because the bill passed with a two-thirds majority vote, HB 1036 will go into effect immediately upon Gov. Abbott’s signing.

Lone Star Lilliput

Complacent Texas taxpayers have become captives of their rent-seeking civil servants.

Texas AFT reaches settlement with TEA commissioner on teacher evaluation requirements

AUSTIN – Because of a recent settlement, there will be no mandate to use STAAR test scores or “value added” in teacher evaluation systems. Texas AFT filed suit one year ago to challenge the authority of the Texas commissioner of education—Mike Morath—to dictate how to measure student performance for the purpose of teacher appraisals.

Abbott signs anti-BDS legislation into law, action signals Texas’ support for Israel

AUSTIN – On May 2, Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law House Bill 89, known as the Anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestments, and Sanctions) bill, which prohibits all state agencies from contracting with, and certain public funds from investing in, companies that boycott Israel.

Keep your hands off the cap, Gene Wu

Two weeks ago, we opined, only half-jokingly, that one of the biggest differences between conservatives and liberals – and between Republicans and Democrats – is that the former look for things that are broken, so they can fix them, and the latter do the opposite.

Texas House names building in Capitol Complex to honor president George H. W. Bush.

AUSTIN - The Texas House of Representatives on Thursday voted overwhelmingly in favor of HCR 141, by Representative Jim Murphy (Houston) directing the Texas Facilities Commission to name a building at 1801 Congress Avenue after the 41st President of the United States, George H.

Blended learning in a 21st-century classroom

In the early 1980s, students in a high school classroom banged away at IBM Selectric typewriters while a few others across the hall shared time on a Commodore 64 personal computer.

Hail yes, lawsuit reform protects consumers

First, we get hit with high-intensity storms that pummeled parts of our state in previous weeks with large hail. Next, we get soaked by storm-chasing personal injury lawyers looking to line their pockets. Texas is taking a pounding, and it’s time for the Texas Legislature to do their part to stop it. Since we can’t control the weather, let’s tackle abusive hail storm lawsuits and enact smart reforms.

Bill seeking to inflate Texas’ med-mal cap first of its kind

AUSTIN – Since the courts were apparently no help, those wishing to inflate Texas’ medical malpractice cap on non-economic damages are now turning to the state legislature.

3-D Mammography: A Technology Texas Women Deserve

A new bill in front of the Texas State Legislature would change women’s lives, drastically.

Groups awaiting latest decision regarding the long-contested voter photo ID law

AUSTIN – Groups and individuals suing the state recently presented evidence in a hearing to determine whether or not the voting ID law, also known as SB 14, was enacted in 2011 with discriminatory intent.