A minor defendant whose trial was set to begin Monday, Dec. 10, was saved by the bell. The trial of Ryne Cohen vs. Young Life et al has been reset because the minor was in the midst of finals.

The minor punched Cohen in the face at a Young Life crawfish boil back in May 2003. In retaliation, Cohen filed a personal injury suit against the minor, the minor's father Norbert Hoose, and Young Life, the sponsors and hosts of the event, in the Jefferson County District Court.

The case was assigned to Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd Judicial District, and has since been severed, tried and appealed.

On Oct. 18, 2007, justices on the Ninth Court of Appeals affirmed the district court's take-nothing judgment against the boy's father, leaving Cohen empty handed. However, he will have another chance to extract monetary relief from the boy when the reset trial begins in March.

The juvenile that struck Cohen was prosecuted on criminal charges and placed on probation.

According to court documents, Cohen, who was not a Young Life member, arrived outside of the event to meet the minor's ex-girlfriend. Young Life is a Christian ministry organization for teens.

Upset over a rumor implicating the girl and Cohen, the minor crossed the street and punched Cohen in the face, breaking his jaw.

Cohen is represented by attorney John S. Morgan. Hoose is represented by Eric Laskowski.

Case No. E173-474

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