Family sues Paccar Inc., citing wronful death after accident

By Carol Ostrow | Aug 14, 2015

A family is suing Washington State-based automotive company Paccar Inc., doing business in Texas, alleging wrongful death of their husband, father and son in a violent 2014 highway accident.

Lisa Parker, along with Jo Ann Starkey and Jerry Starkey of Anderson County, filed a lawsuit individually, on behalf of the estate of Geoffrey Woodrow Parker, and as next friend of minor children Evelynne Rose Parker and Slade Christopher Parker, against Paccar Inc. in the Lufkin Division of the Eastern District of Texas on Aug. 7, claiming vehicular negligence and liability in a fatal April 2014 collision.

According to the lawsuit, the Parkers resided in Nacogdoches County, Texas at the time of the accident. Geoffrey Parker was allegedly driving a blue 2012 Peterbilt vehicle manufactured by Paccar southbound on U.S. Highway 69 in Angelina County on April 14, 2014, when a bull presented itself in his travel lane.

The complaint states that Parker’s vehicle struck the animal, causing the truck and trailer portions to jackknife and separate; subsequently the truck rolled onto the cab roof, severely crushing the compartment and killing Geoffrey Parker. Parker was allegedly seated with proper restraints but suffocated to death when the cab’s survival space experienced “severe intrusion.”

The surviving family members aver that the cab design and manufacture were insufficient. Alleging negligence, gross negligence, strict liability, and defective manufacture due to an inadequate rollover protection system, the plaintiffs claim pecuniary loss, emotional distress, and loss of companionship.

Seeking compensation for punitive damages, pre- and post-judgment interest, attorneys' fees, expenses, and costs, they are represented by J. Gregory Marks and Michael Guajardo of Guajardo & Marks in Dallas, and Jefferson B. Davis of Nacogdoches.

Lufkin Division of the Eastern District of Texas Case 9:15-cv-00121.

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