News from August 2015

Paxton indicted on security fraud charges, Democratic PAC calls Texas AG ‘greedy’

By David Yates | Aug 2, 2015

Attorney General Ken Paxton has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of security fraud – a development that has one Democratic PAC calling the Republican greedy.

Homeowner attempts to save property scheduled for demolition

By The SE Texas Record | Aug 3, 2015

A Jefferson County resident is filing an application for a restraining order and injunction against a municipal entity for alleged negligence.

Shopper takes Aeropostale to court after slip and fall

By Carol Ostrow | Aug 3, 2015

A Brazoria County consumer is suing a retail business for alleged premises negligence leading to bodily injury in 2014.

DBA: 7/22 - 7/28/2015

By The SE Texas Record | Aug 4, 2015

July 22 - 28, 2015 License #:23403 Assumed Name:SANSERVE BUILDING SERVICES Address:4605 WASHINGTON BLVD., BEAUMONT, TX, 77707 Owner Name:SANSERVE MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC License #:23428 Assumed Name:SERVICE JANITORIAL SERVICES Address:405 WASHINGTON BLVD., BEAUMONT, TX, 77707 Owner Name:SANSERVE MANAGMENT SERVICES INC License #:23432 Assumed Name:GLORY GATE MINISTRY Address:7870 WINDMEADOW ST., BEAUMONT, TX, 77713 Owner Name:LANDRY RHONDA License #:23477 Assumed Name:QUALLS RV SERVICE Addr

Will the BP settlement go where it should?

By Don Briggs | Aug 4, 2015

The rulings have officially been passed down regarding just how much BP will pay as a result of the Macondo spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. BP will pay out around $18.7 billion to the federal government, the State of Louisiana as well as four other Gulf states. Included in the Louisiana payout will be several southern parishes that were directly affected by the accident.

Other states should follow the Texas model

By The SE Texas Record | Aug 4, 2015

A little over a year ago, the Wall Street Journal ran an article entitled “Toyota Escapes to Texas.” The announcement of the Japanese car company's plan to move its sales headquarters from California to Plano was the jumping-off point for a recitation of the many advantages our state's business climate has over California's.

Ex-eatery employee charges firm with sexual harassment

By Carol Ostrow | Aug 4, 2015

A service worker is suing a restaurant business on allegations of extreme sexual harassment originating in 2013 and retaliatory discharge in 2014.

Houston area employees sue Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. for discrimination

By Rosanna Turner | Aug 4, 2015

Three black former and current employees are alleging racial discrimination in Goodyear's promotion practices.

Life insurance company asks court to determine recipient of death benefits

By Rosanna Turner | Aug 4, 2015

A Nebraska life insurance company is asking the Texas court to determine the payout of a $1 million inheritance.

Woman checking messages on iPhone causes fatal collision, survivors sue Apple

By John Suayan | Aug 4, 2015

Apple Inc. faces a federal lawsuit alleging the tech giant failed to design a smart phone that disables texting while driving and thus prevent a 2013 motor vehicle accident that claimed the lives of two women and paralyzed a young boy who overcame cancer

Dallas judge orders pizzeria to pay rape victim $16M

By John Suayan | Aug 4, 2015

A Dallas judicial district court judge recently sided with a woman who sued a pizza restaurant for sexual assault and awarded her more than $16 million in damages. Dallas County 193rd District Court Judge Carl Ginsberg issued a final judgment on July 28 ordering defendants Pastazios Pizza, Inc. and Ajredin “Danny” Deari to pay the unnamed woman $16,432,336.83, according to court records. Jane Doe initiated legal action on Apr. 24, 2013, claiming she went to interview for a job at Pastazios in

Woman sues airline after hot tea slides off tray table and lands in lap

By David Yates | Aug 4, 2015

A recent federal lawsuit is holding an airline responsible for a passenger’s burns after a cup of hot tea slip off her tray table and landed in her lap.

Sandra Bland's mother files wrongful death lawsuit against DPS officer who pulled her over

By John Suayan | Aug 4, 2015

The mother of a Chicago woman who was found dead in a Waller County Jail cell last month has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Houston federal court. Naperville, Ill., resident Geneva Reed-Veal’s suit, filed Aug. 4 in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas, pins the July 13 death of Sandra Bland on Waller County, the Texas Department of Public Safety, DPS Officer Brian T.

Abbott adds support to Houston industries fighting city’s clean air ordinance

By David Yates | Aug 4, 2015

Gov. Greg Abbott has come to the aid of a collation of oil and chemical companies petitioning the Texas Supreme Court to kill a city of Houston ordinance purportedly in conflict with clean air regulations enacted by the state.

Minority worker sues firms alleging assault, slander, racism and wrongful discharge

By Carol Ostrow | Aug 5, 2015

A Harris County citizen is suing two companies on charges of civil rights violation, constructive discharge, and fraud in 2012 when he lost his job after alleged incidents of threats and racial discrimination.

Barge inspector blames ‘inadequate lighting’ for fall, sues for punitive damages

By David Yates | Aug 5, 2015

Alleging a lack of “inadequate lighting” entitles him to punitive damages, a barge inspector is blaming a maritime company for his trip and fall.

Multiple Texas companies named in breach of contract lawsuit

By Rosanna Turner | Aug 5, 2015

A Michigan trucking and shipping unit is suing several Texas companies for breach of contract.

Pedestrian sues motorist over Independence Day accident damages

By Carol Ostrow | Aug 5, 2015

A Galveston County resident is suing a motorist alleging negligence in a 2013 Harris County automobile-pedestrian collision, claiming that her damages far exceed the court’s minimum jurisdictional limits.

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